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Secret Santa gifts need careful consideration for colleagues


This guide outlines the 3 key things to consider when buying Secret Santa gifts for people you work with or who work for you.

It’s that time of year again, when the office Christmas parties are being arranged and lots for office Secret Santa are being drawn. It’s always a difficult task deciding what to get a colleague as a Secret Santa gift, especially if you aren’t quite sure about their hobbies and interests outside of the office.

Key considerations for Secret Santa gifts

However, there is quite a lot of pressure on buying Secret Santa gifts for someone you many not know all that well, and there is plenty to consider when making the purchase, including:

Your relationship with them

First and foremost you should consider your relationship with the person you have for Secret Santa. This will help you determine what type of gift to get them and how far you can push the limits. For example, you’d be much more inclined to buy something fun and cheeky for someone who you are close to compared to someone you’ve spoken to twice in the office.

In many cases these days, you may find people put a wishlist on online Secret Santa gifts platforms and if you don’t know the person very well, it can be a good idea to just stick to this.

Consider Their Circumstances

Alcohol is often a go-to when it comes to Secret Santa gifts, but you can also see how this may be problematic, and that applies to a number of different gifts. Taking alcohol as the example, this wouldn’t be an appropriate gift for someone whose faith is Islam, while the person may not drink or be a recovering alcoholic.

They may have sought out alcohol help in the past and receiving it as a gift could cause issues for them. While we’re not suggesting not buying alcohol for a Secret Santa gift, try and understand a person’s circumstances and do a little digging to ensure you don’t buy them a problematic gift. If you’re in doubt, don’t purchase anything that could be construed that way. After all, there are plenty of other options to avoid a problem gift for people with substance problems.

Size and Weight

Some Secret Santa gifts can be an inconvenience, we all know that from opening our presents on Christmas Day and family members not quite thinking it through. So make sure you think about the poor person who has to take your gift home.

Many Secret Santa gifts are given during the Christmas Party or during times when you may be going for a few drinks after, which means it’s not as easy as bundling the present in the car.

Make sure that it’s feasible for them to get it around, and do consider those that may commute to work on public transport. Nobody wants to be carrying a huge box on the bus home with them!

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