Shrug off statistics that show women are not making it to the top


Women have long been under-represented when it comes to the top rungs of the ladder – the CEOs and senior executive levels. But with all the push and energy to get us there, it’s dispiriting to see data still showing women are not making it to the top.

A recent study conducted by found that when it came to the representation of women in business, they only made up 4.8% of CEOs, 8.1% of Top Earners and held 16.9% of Board Seats.

In another study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, conducted between 2002- 2012, it found that there was a huge gap between women who work in the Top 200 ASX companies as CEOs or as Board Directors, showing that, while numbers did grow slightly for female CEOs (sitting just under 4% by 2012), they were still greatly outnumbered by female Board Directors (sitting just over 12% in 2012).

While this may not be surprising to a lot of people, the question that is still begging to be asked is: why is this (still) the case?

For a long time now, women have been working hard in the workforce, proving time and time again that they are just as good, if not better, than some of their male counterparts, but for just as long, have been under-represented or overlooked when it came to promotions or holding top jobs.

This was also documented in the survey by the ABS, who made comparisons of women in the workforce between five countries, including Australia, The U.S. and Canada.

This particular graph showed that while there were more females sitting on Board Chairs in Australia and Canada, there more females in America who were CEOs and on the Board of Directors.

Statistics, as we all know, don’t make a leader a leader. It is the hard work and dedication that do that — not the statistics that try to define you, how well you do your job or where you can go in the future.

Let’s shrug off the statistics and not let them control any of us. Where you go in your career and how well you do it, should be all up to you and your ability to prove to others that you are worth being on the top rungs.

Yes, we can acknowledge the statistics are there, telling us what has happened. But we can also look for change in what will happen in the future. And to be part of that change we have to refuse to be bogged down by the statistics of the past.

You are not a pie chart, bar graph or column of data. You are a future successful business woman. Now get out there and get going.


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Rowena Nagy is a Journalist at The Business Woman Media. A graduate in Journalism, Media and Communications, she is passionate about in writing, travel journalism, video journalism and Public Relations.

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