Girls … yes we can run the world!


If the outcome of the US election has taught us anything, it’s that there’s still a lot to do before women have the same level of power in the world as men. Let’s face it, Hillary Clinton losing was a clear sign that it’s still a world for boys and their toys. There’s more evidence of this in business. The top hundred companies in the world are predominantly run by male boardrooms. But, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore. Women can rise up, we can get to top positions and we can, run this world. How, you ask?

Strive to be the best

We know that women often perform better than men in school. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that women are better at men academically by nature. Therefore, there is no excuse not to excel in education. If you do this you will already be putting yourself on the right track to succeed in your career. That’s important because, as we know, men often get further, even when they don’t have the same grades and qualifications. That’s why you need to push and make sure there isn’t even the slightest amount of doubt that you might not be the best person for the job. It’s also time that women stopped accepting that certain industries are gender orientated. If you want to work in engineering, you shouldn’t let the fact that you’re a female stop you. It’s time to break through the barriers.

Fake it until you make it

It’s possible that employers will dismiss women for high positions, based purely on their gender. While this is illegal and discrimination, we know it happens. If you don’t believe this, just look at the team of staff Mr Trump has chosen to lead his government. It’s clear that there is bias there and women weren’t even given the opportunity to be part of the team. That’s why you may want to use tricks to make sure you’re at least considered. You can do this by putting gender neutral names on your resume or just using an initial. If you do this, you’ll at least guarantee if you don’t get an interview it wasn’t because of your gender. If you do get the interview, you’ll be able to show your gender is not a weakness.

Build your own business

Of course, if you’re struggling to reach top positions, as many women do, it might be worth starting your own company. To do this, you’re going to need to gain the right qualification like a Business Management Bachelor Degree. Once you have this, you can formulate a concept for your company and a business plan. After this, you will need to search for investors and people who will support your business idea. Then you can proceed and break out into the business world like never before.

What doesn’t kill you makes you…

Don’t be fooled into thinking that gender bias doesn’t still exist in the business world. It certainly does, and you’ll face numerous issues when trying to succeed that men don’t have to put up with. But you can’t let them break you. You have to keep moving forward because one day you will be able to look back on all that you have accomplished. Beyonce was wrong, we’re not running this world yet. But if we work together, we can.

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