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How to improve your presentation in business — and why it matters


One of the earliest life lessons you’re taught is not to judge a book by its cover. When our parents taught us this, they meant you shouldn’t make judgements on someone or something based on how it looks or how it’s presented to you. For the most part, this is a fair lesson to live by, and you’d like to think most people don’t judge others based on their appearance.

However, in a business sense, it’s certainly not the case. Consumers and other business people will often judge your business based on how it looks from the outside. The way you present your business to the public matters more than you might think. In fact, this post will explain to you the main reason why presentation matters. Once you understand this, you can take a look at the advice later in the post on how you can improve the way your business is presented.

Why presentation matters in business

No matter what industry you operate in, you will always be faced with a lot of competition. It’s simply the way the business world works, loads of people come up with similar ideas to you, and we end up with markets full of very similar companies. Thanks to the rise in online businesses, we are now seeing more competition than ever before.

So, how are consumers going to react when faced with so many different companies to choose from? It’s simple, they often rate businesses based on their first impressions of that company. Furthermore, these first impressions are formed on how a business is presented to them. For example, let’s say someone is looking for a new watch and is running a Google search for watch shops. They’ll have loads of links available to click on, and they might click on the first few. If the site they go to looks bad and is poorly presented, they’re less likely to stay on it than if they see one that’s presented better. Likewise, if you walk past a shop and it looks scruffy and unkempt, you’re less likely to go in there. If you head to an office building that looks bad and the company has a very shabby office, you’re going to form a bad first impression and trust the business less.

Presentation matters because it helps people make their first impression of your business. Plus, it also helps your reputation. Companies that are well presented will often have higher reputations than those that aren’t. As we all know, reputation is a key factor in drawing in customers. For now, we’re going to focus solely on your presentation, and the many ways in which you can improve it.  If you want to learn other ways to boost your rep, there are loads of articles on sites like

How can you improve presentation?

If you improve the presentation of your business, it will cause positive side effects. The good thing is, there are plenty of easy ways in which you can do this. Take a look at some of the tips below:

Create a strict brand image

The easiest way to improve your reputation is to create a brand image. This is an image that your company wants to present to other people. It will say a lot about your business and be something that people can relate to. By doing this, you give your business framework to follow. All the things you do should align with your brand image, which improves the way your company is presented. For more branding tips, we wrote an article here that you might find useful.

Premises presentation is key

The way your business premises is presented is very important to the overall presentation of your company. This is a place where many people might see, and it’s a location where people can form their first impressions of your company. So, you better ensure that everything is in tip top shape and looking good at all times. One tip is to color coordinate your office, so it aligns with your brand colors and looks a lot neater. As seen here you actually buy things that will cover objects in a powder coating. This is a good idea for getting your office desks a different color that fits in with your brand image! Another tip you must follow is to keep your premises as clean as possible at all times. Make sure everyone’s desks are presentable and hire a cleaning team to keep the office in shape.

Make sure your employees present themselves well

Your employees play a vital role in the way your business presents itself. If people see them with clothes or ID badges that show they work for your business, then they must give off a good impression. Ensure your staff look neat and say the right things when talking about your business. The last thing you want is an employee swearing their head off in public when wearing things that ensure people know they work for your business.

Work on your online presence

We live in a world that’s dominated by the internet, meaning most people will come in contact with your business online. This will either be via your website or social media channels. So, it’s important that you improve the way your business is presented online. To do this, you can rebuild your site, so it looks modern, classy, and aligns itself with your brand image. Similarly, your social media channels should be presented as extremely professional.

Use all these tips, and you’ll soon improve the presentation of your business. Now, when people see your company for the same time, they’ll be more impressed. They’ll have a positive first impression, and you will reap the rewards from that. When a consumer has a positive first impression, it makes them more likely to use your business or recommend it to others. As a result, you could see your sales and customer base increase.

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