Smart ways to get your brand on Tiktok for Business


Getting your small brand on TikTok for Business presents more opportunities to connect with more people for niche-specific or general sales. Check out some of the best reasons why you need a TikTok for Business account today.

Getting your small business greater recognition isn’t easy without leveraging social media platforms like TikTok. TikTok takes brand awareness for general or niche businesses to a whole new level.

However, attracting greater traffic to your small business on TikTok requires smart steps to guarantee success. Proper TikTok marketing goes beyond the creation of memes and viral moments that drives most regular users towards its platform.

Registering a TikTok business account could be what your small business needs to thrive. That’s why this article shows effective ways to get your businesses on TikTok to guarantee greater exposure with ease!

What is TikTok for Business?

TikTok for Business is an advertiser-focused platform designed to help businesses reach more prospects. Small businesses that are unable to devise market strategies benefit hugely from this platform.

With this platform, any small business on TikTok get ad creation, budget setting, audience targeting and campaign analytics features. Users with a TikTok business account can easily unpack their creative edge with multiple, built-in tools.

TikTok for Business features tools like its e-learning center, designed to make small businesses thrive through its Ads Manager.

Steps to use a TikTok for Business account

Sign up for an account

You can get a TikTok for Business account set up with the following steps:

  • Download TikTok for your device
  • Sign up for a personal account. Your email, Twitter, Google, or Facebook accounts will work as a login username.
  • Sign in with your TikTok login credentials, access your dashboard and choose Me (lower right on mobile apps)
  • Tap Edit Profile to add a profile picture, bio and links to your other social media handles
  • Hit Menu button (three dots in upper right corner of your screen) and then Manage Account
  • Tap Switch to Pro
  • Select Business
  • Choose a category that describes your brand best
  • Add an email address and website

Optimize the profile on your account

Make sure your profile picture, URL, and bio represent your brand. Your bio can only contain 80 characters, so be wise with your wording.

Get your strategy in order

Successful marketing strategies on TikTok must consider the following points:

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Recognizing competition and their current reach
  • Planning a content creation timeline
  • Engagement template for users
  • Analytics-driven ads

Mapping out a smart strategy for your business on TikTok makes it easy to get much-need exposure along with better lead generation.

5 ways any small business on TikTok can gain exposure

1. Ensure originality

Brand personality is crucial to the success of small businesses on TikTok. Every brand has its identity and most TikTok users won’t identify with nameless companies like they would with personalized businesses.

Your preferred niche business will feature more on the For You page of many users with easy steps to become discoverable. Brands that participate in challenges and those willing to share useful content to users gain access to a wider audience.

You don’t have to dwell 100% on product advertising products on TikTok, taking a hybrid approach works best.

Copying the marketing campaigns of competitors isn’t a smart way to run your business account on TikTok too. Maintain your brand’s personality while building a response style that resonates more with your audience.

2. Reveal in-depth information

Sure, some things about your business should remain out of the public eye. But if you want to attract more traffic, leads, and sales to your business, you can’t keep everything a secret.

TikTok users are attracted to exciting information more than anything else. You can decide to reveal how your business works (without letting out too much) to customers. Showing the day-to-day business operations of your brand is a smart way to get more users attracted to your products.

Show users general items used in making your products or the process taken at your business to put orders together. You can also show other activities that don’t put your business at risk, especially if your products are easy to make.

Revealing few details about your business gives off a human feel many users want to see. It shows transparency and informs customers about how their orders become complete.

3. Provide walkthroughs

Getting an order ready for shipping is another smart way to show how much effort goes into satisfying your customers. Posting such content on TikTok shows prospects or existing customers what to expect after each order.

You can also include special packaging and freebies in your videos to attract more leads towards your product.

But a sure winner is posting product walkthroughs for users. Through TikTok, customers can request product walkthroughs or packaging videos of their orders.

Common content examples to create product walkthroughs include:

  • Demonstrating your product’s resistance to the elements
  • Showing the durability of your product in comparison to an unnamed brand
  • Different ways to use your product, and so on

Make sure to hide the personal information of any customer before posting such content through your account.

4. Give valuable advice and tips

Everyone loves useful advice, particularly when it’s available for free. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and regular users will be drawn to your advice and in extension, your brand.

You can always share information about the following:

  • Easy ways to launch new products,
  • How and where to locate manufacturers,
  • Do’s and don’ts to succeed in your preferred niche,
  • Marketing channels required to sustain your business, etc.

You can decide to segment such content into a weekly series or make short videos on each topic. Your videos must be entertaining and give off a different voice from brand tips/advice videos available on other platforms.

5. Leverage product teases before launch

Generating much hype around your new products is an excellent way to achieve product teasing through TikTok. Teasing products gets customers ready for purchase and shows you’re knowledgeable enough to grow your brand.


A TikTok business account opens a vast range of opportunities for your brand. Any small business on TikTok with the right approach towards attracting more traffic is poised to succeed.

Getting the most from your experience as a business account on TikTok requires constant input. TikTok is a dynamic social media platform and you must adopt a flexible approach to business for success through this app.

Take cues from the information this guide provides to get more exposure for your business today!

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