4 ways to make your cross-screen advertising strategies more effective


This guide outlines the basics of cross-screen advertising and how to get the biggest benefits from it.

When you create a business, it’s crucial that you use a variety of methods to spread awareness of your brand. Regardless of what type of product you sell, it’s important that you consider using a mixture of traditional and digital marketing techniques to create more brand awareness. One of the best ways to do this is to use cross-screen advertising for effective marketing.

Ways to leverage cross-screen advertising

Here are 4 ways that you can make your own cross-screen advertising strategies more effective and bring in more customers to increase your revenue.

  1. Combine the right mediums together

As you already know, cross-screen advertising is where you use a variety of marketing channels in order to spread information about your brand. This makes it easier to find the right demographic of people to enjoy your product. With that said, if you want to make your advertising strategies more effective, make sure to combine certain platforms together. To get the best result, please consider combining:

The reason you will find it easier to pair each of these mediums together is because of the levels of their activity. By pairing similar customer activities together, you will find that you will be able to draw in more customers.

  1. OTT Services

When you use television marketing, sometimes it can be very rigid with its advertisements. That means they can tend to blur into one after a while. However, if you use cross screen advertising, you can elevate your advertisements by making them accessible through the internet. For instance, this can be through an OTT (Over-The-Top) media service. Try and utilise OTT services by Finecast if you want to use the internet to expand the outreach of your advertisements. After all, with the help of the internet, you can use banners and side-ads, as well as full-on video advertisements.

  1. Same content – different mediums

Thanks to the general public becoming more used to digital mediums, you will find that they will become more tolerant to the same advertisement played in a different format. This is where cross screen advertising can come in handy. You can save money by using the same advert, perhaps shorter or longer, or even just a static image of it with a clickable link.

  1. Enhanced for mobile screens

Nowadays, you are going to find that the main way that your consumers will discover your business is through mobile content. Cross-screen advertising means that you can use it for television advertising, as well as video platforms online. Try and focus on making smaller advertisements for YouTube and other video streaming platforms. After all, most people watch these types of platforms in their free time, especially before bed.


So, there you have it – 4 ways to make your cross-screen advertising strategies more effective. Once you understand the basics of cross-screen advertising, it can be an effective strategy to help you grow your brand and customer base. Give it a try today and reap the rewards. That way you can see that your business is heading in the right direction.


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