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    Empowering women and girls through technology: a holistic approach

    A future of true gender equality is possible. With all the studies and advancements to support women and girls in their education and careers, we have the framework in place for empowering women and girls...

  • things every woman should know choose a career path the starting a business steps

    Things every woman should know how to do

    This  guide outlines the crucial things every woman should know how to do for herself. Times have changed. It’s common practice to see women taking on more ‘masculine’ tasks because they took the time to...

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    Top 5 empowering truths successful women already know

    If you are wanting to create not only success on the outside but also on the inside, it all begins with self-empowerment. If you’re asking yourself, ‘well…how do I become empowered and actually feel it?’...