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The 9 people you should ditch from your work life


Has anyone ever annoyed you so much that you just want to get rid of them from your life?

The bad news is, there are many types of people like this and chances are, you’ll continue to meet them.

But it’s not just annoying people you need to ditch from your professional life. There are other types who can be damaging, undermining and time-wasting. If they report to you, then it’s fairly simple to ditch them. If they are colleagues, you need to limit contact with them to the required minimum. If they’re your boss, you need to consider your options…


The former co-worker you have nothing in common with

While there is nothing wrong with exchanging the odd pleasantry from time to time, if you have nothing in common with a someone, after the pleasantries there’s probably no real need to delve any deeper into what you’ve been doing.

The networker who won’t leave you alone

Networking can be wonderful. It’s a great tool for you to use in order to meet new people, gain a contact, learn new information and get advice on a work project.

But sometimes you will meet someone who is all networking, all the time. This can mean that they are always on social media, always introducing people to other people or, perhaps worst of all, trying to use you to meet one of your contacts.

Letting this person go from your work life can only be a good thing because it says that you don’t want to be used and that you can network on your own perfectly well. If their level and style of networking is a bit much for you let them know you need less contact.

Those who are judgmental and critical

No one likes judgmental or critical people because, well, they’re judgmental and critical. And because of this, you just know they are waiting to give you their opinion on anything and everything under the sun, especially the things you’re doing and how you’re doing them wrong.

Getting rid of these people not only tells them that you don’t appreciate their judgments/criticisms, but it also makes your life less stressful because you don’t have that feeling of someone watching you and waiting for you to mess up.

The jealous/envious

Jealousy is one of those things that can be hard to see in others and even harder to combat — because you never know what you’ll do that will make others jealous. Although we all know the most common things that make people jealous, especially in the workplace, are if you get a promotion or a pay rise.

The reason you don’t need this person in your life is because, through their jealousy, they will talk negatively about you behind your back and try to bring you down to their level.

Furthermore, while getting rid of these people from your work life can be a bit difficult, perhaps the best way to get rid of them is to stop worrying about why they are jealous of you and what you did to make them feel that way because, at the end of the day, it’s not actually your fault they’re jealous. You just did your job well and got recognized for it. If anything, your success can be a learning moment for them to up their game and get the next promotion or pay-rise.

Control freaks

While there is nothing wrong with being on top of things — like your work or what employees are doing if you’re the boss or a manager — there does come a point when being on top becomes being a control freak.

And, whether they are a colleague or the boss/manager, the reason you don’t need this type of person in your life is because they will never fully trust you to do the job you were hired to do and do it well.

If it’s a colleague, gently let them know that you can handle what you’re doing. If it’s a boss, try the same strategy as long as it’s not job-threatening. If you feel that the boss won’t change, and you will always be unhappy under that thumb, the way to ditch it is to find another job.

Those who play the victim

People who play the victim are constantly trying to blame others for their failings and often find it difficult to accept responsibility for the things they’ve done wrong.

Getting rid of these people from your work life, can only benefit both parties because, not only will you get rid of a headache in your life, the “victim” will hopefully learn from the situation, grow up and realize that they can’t keep blaming others and that accepting responsibility for things they’ve done wrong isn’t really that difficult.

Negative people

As negative as this sounds, nobody likes negative people and their constant venting about how much they dislike this and that and how horrible everything is around them. Getting rid of these people from your life can help you get back to your previous cheery self and away from the darkness the negative person brought near you.


While it can be difficult to spot a liar and tell when you’re being lied to, getting rid of them once you find out is the only solution. If they lie once, they’ll lie again. If you have discovered somebody has lied, simply keep away from them as much as possible in the workplace. Instead, surround yourself with people you can trust and rely on and who you know will tell you the truth.


Some people will do anything to get ahead in their careers, including manipulating those around them to get what they want, when they want it and they are certainly not above throwing you under the bus when they want to avoid getting in trouble.

Getting rid of these people can only be a good thing because it shows that you are willing and able to stand up for yourself, you refuse to be treated that way and that you find their behavior unacceptable.

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