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Quick tips for improving your personal brand


As an executive or entrepreneur, your personal brand is important when it comes to building your business and your career. But your time is limited, and improving your personal brand can be time-consuming if you don’t have a plan. That’s why we came up with these top 3 high-impact tips to help you improve your personal brand in a way that makes you proud and benefits your business.

Remove any issues

Before you can improve your personal brand, you need to be darn sure that nothing is sabotaging you. Online saboteurs could include you, your friends, acquaintances, other businesses, ex-employees, trolls – really anyone with an internet connection.

Common issues can include a “celebratory” photo you posted on social media, a bad review online, a negative mention in an industry forum, etc. The easy way to discover any negative content like this is to take an hour and google yourself and any other common keywords associated with your name. Go past the first page and do a complete inventory of what is out there so you can deal with any issues accordingly.

Neglecting to remove issues and moving right into promoting your personal brand is a bad idea. That approach just leads to more people coming across undesirable content about you online. Unfortunately many try this “bury my head in sand” approach, don’t be one of them. Deal with the problem first and then move on to the promotional strategy.

Create a living doc of your credibility boosters

This is the fun part. Create a running list of links where you’ve received mention, been featured as the subject, or contributed content. Once you get your list, links and media together for yourself, share that information on your personal website and social media profiles.

Think of this like your own press page. People often make this list once and forget to update it as time goes on. This is a missed opportunity because new people who are interested in doing business with you won’t see the full breadth of your work and references in one place.

From a practical standpoint, newer accomplishments and credibility boosters carry more weight than older ones if someone looks into them. Freshness matters when it comes to the dates associated with credibility boosters.

Do an honest inventory of your website and social media

Take some time to assess the look and feel of the website and social media profiles that are supposed to be representing you. This might seem superficial, but on the internet you don’t have very much time to leave a first impression.

Before anyone even considers the quality of your content or your credentials and accomplishments, they will judge you on the look and feel of your web properties. A well-designed website and a high quality profile picture gives the impression that you are taking things seriously and are committed to your personal brand online. This will do nothing but help you in the long run.

A poor or visually lackluster user experience can have tremendously negative effect on their relationship with you and your business. A lack of attention paid to your website and social media profiles screams “amateur hour” to anyone looking you up.

WordPress themes or Squarespace are cheap and look fantastic. There’s no excuse. If you need graphics or logos, you can hop onto Fiverr and get something that looks professional for an affordable price as well.

Also, good profile pictures on social media don’t have to be taken by expensive photographers. Just make sure that you have a clear image with flattering lighting that shows your face and actually looks like you.

While personal branding is an essential part of presenting you and your business to the world, it doesn’t have to be a stumbling block. Instead, take advantage of these tools at your disposal to shape the information that people find about you online.

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Sabrina Clark is a marketing professional specializing in startups in the technology and Internet space. Sabrina is the Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications at BrandYourself, helping people take control of Google search results for their own name and establish a positive online reputation. Website: Recent guide I created:

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