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Negotiate with men : Tips on winning


How to negotiate with men – is such an important skill but one that too few people bother to master these days. And that too few women use in mastering how to negotiate with men.

When it comes to negotiating, women in business unfortunately have a reputation for not being as effective as their male counterparts.

Why is this? And how can we use our unique skills as women to lead the way on how negotiating to win is really done? Here are some strategies on how you can negotiate with men strategically and for the win.

Self promotion helps you negotiate

It is time to step outside your comfort zone and let everyone know what you have done and how well you have done it. This requires you to be objective and see yourself as a product to market. So make sure your website, LinkedIn profile and all your other business touchpoints are top notch and loaded with relevant detail.

A skilled negotiator needs to be a great marketer of their own brand. You need to believe in your product wholeheartedly, and that you are the best person for the job/project (and worth every cent!).

Call the bluff

An experienced negotiator may try and ask too much of you, give the impression you have no other option than their way, or simply try and bully you.

Make sure you have a back up plan in place (another job or money saved) so you can call their bluff and stand your ground on what you deserve. Be firm but fair.

Businesses often cry poor, which is a strategic move to pull on the heartstrings of the more sympathetic female employee. Don’t be fooled. This is business, not charity.

Research for better to Negotiate with men

To achieve a win-win result, you need to do your research on the party you’re negotiating with. You then need to demonstrate a clear connection between what they are wanting (in business) and how you are the one that can deliver (above and beyond).

For example, find out what other people are being paid for the same job/position and articulate an offer that is above and beyond that. Give them a clear reason to say ‘Yes’. This is where your ongoing self-promotion over time will pay off.

Ask for the baker’s shop

You must always “Ask for the baker’s shop to get a single loaf of bread”.

Don’t go into negotiations with what it is you are willing to settle for, but rather what you dream for. And once you’ve got that conversation started, remember to stick to your guns. This will give you wriggle room to negotiate down a little. Although always remember your worth!

Negotiate with men, learn how to handle a no

Remember that for every no, there is a yes around the corner. Whether it is you that needs to say no — and yes you will need to practice declining job offers and proposals if they are not reaching your expectations — or you have been told no, just move on to the next challenge and start again.

So the next time you need to negotiate (especially with a man) review these points and focus on the WIN.

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