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Top networking dos & don’ts


Networking is like being your own personal billboard! I’m not suggesting you find a crazy outfit and stand on the side of the road with a sign (but if you do that I’d love to get a photo).

But, it’s about you building relationships and talking about what you do. It’s great for building business contacts, finding new clients, making connections in your industry and promoting your business.

It’s a great marketing tool for businesses with a tight budget. Networking events give you direct access to a room full of influential people in your industry.

Simply by talking to these people you are essentially advertising to potential customers.

Here are my top networking dos & don’ts:


  • Have a descriptive ‘personal brand statement’ prepared.
  • Have loads of business cards, however use them with respect.
  • Make a goal of handing out (say) 5 cards or at least have genuine conversations with 5 people.
  • Go up and introduce yourself to people and start conversations with them.
  • Keep moving around the room; don’t just speak to one person.
  • Write the date and event on business cards you collect so you can remember when and where you met people.


  • Go with your friend or you will spend time catching up rather than meeting other people.
  • Stare around the room when you talking with people.
  • Try to do a hard sell; networking is about getting to know people.
  • Say you will follow up with people and not bother.

Networking is one of the most cost effective ways to increasing profile and acquiring new business and reaching hundreds of potential clients. So get out there and start networking!


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