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Trust no-one and you’re off to a good start


My wariness motto in business and in life: Trust no-one and you’re off to a good start.

I’m sometimes labelled as cynical for saying this.  And that labeling is often by the very people who spend their days complaining online or at business functions that someone has done wrong by them.

Despite the fact that women — for some unknown reason — believe that humans are innately kind creatures who want to help each other, they are often the ones being screwed over the most. Both by men and by other women.

The reality is everyone is out for themselves. And to be honest, that’s understandable in today’s world. That’s life and that’s especially business.

So leave your rose-tinted Pollyanna glasses on the wardrobe shelf, and get to grips with dealing with a world in which you have to be wary.

However, this doesn’t mean that you become untrustworthy yourself. That kind of single-minded focus for some people translates as a “means justifies the end” attitude. They will live by the belief that it doesn’t matter what they do as long as it is for what they see as being the best of good causes — their personal success, even at the expense of others!

In fact they believe it’s all for them. And when I say them, I’m talking their bank account and power. Don’t be that person.

It is better to have people build trust with you over time. It’s a good way to show that you value yourself and what you have to offer; and if people are genuine about getting to know you and work with you then they’ll put in the effort.

I like to have trust percentages. In my mind I will instantly listen to my instincts and rate people on what percentage I trust them — and in which area of my life.

For example, you may meet someone at an event, observe their behaviour and instantly think they are suspect… so you give them a 10% in your mind. Over time, that percentage may improve — or drop even further — but you start out being wary and watchful.

This prevents you from only hearing or seeing what you want to (or what they want you to) and also prevents you from possibly entering into situations that may land you in hot water. Or the bankruptcy court.

Be careful of key phrases and situations too. Such as the good old “trust me”. If they are saying that there’s a good chance they are not trustworthy!

If people talk a lot but don’t really get to the point — it means they are hiding something.

And of course the “cagey” response where you find it difficult to converse with someone because they are too paranoid about sharing things with you.

Trust is too freely handed out and not earned properly in too many cases. To protect yourself, you need to have your guard up at all times and be very selective on who you let into your trust circle.

But remember: just because you shouldn’t trust others straight away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trustworthy. In today’s world if you are one who can be trusted, that’s invaluable when it comes to building a quality, respectable and sustainable brand.

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