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Your ultimate strategy for incredible growth on YouTube


YouTube has become one of the best marketing platforms for anybody in the business. This is because of the large number of YouTube users that come to this platform to watch videos every day. While some of these people might come just to entertain themselves by watching the videos, some come with a genuine problem that needs a solution.

As a business, how can you use YouTube to grow your business? This post provides you with a strategy that can ensure you grow on YouTube.

1.      Have a YouTube channel for business

One mistake that most people do is to open a YouTube channel for business using a personal account. This is because with such an account, only one person, the account-holder, can log in. Instead, you should open a YouTube channel using a brand account. This is vital as many authorized people can log in at the same time. When you have more people able to log in and do some activities, then you can be sure that your account will grow quite fast.

2.      Understand your audience

YouTube channel for business allows access to analytics tools, which are vital for you to understand your audience. The tools are found under the Analytics tab, and here, you will find relevant stats for your channel. Stats such as views, watch time, revenues generated, interaction rates, and others can be found here. Such stats are vital as they will help you make decisions that can boost your growth on this platform.

And it is not just the quantitative data that matters here, but qualitative data as well. This can be found by reading the comments on your posts. These comments will tell you what the audience expect where you can improve and also those things that you have done well.

3.      Understand your competition

Understanding your competition is key to your strategy to succeed. Note that just like any other social media marketing platforms, YouTube is very competitive. It is thus necessary for you to take time and understand what your competitors are doing.

And learning your competitors shouldn’t be any hard. This is because the information you need to analyze them is readily available on their channels. What you need to do is simply browse their channels, identify those videos that got many views and watch them. You will be able to know the things that they have done differently in their videos. After watching, you will now come up with a strategy on how to either implement their strategy or improve on it to beat them.

4.      Invest in YouTube views

Any social media channel thrives when it gets many views from different people. As such, ensuring that your YouTube channel for business gets many views is vital. But you have to appreciate that getting YouTube views is not an easy task, especially if the channel is still new. What you have to do is come up with a budget that can get you some views to help you get started on this platform. To have an idea of the budget that you will need for views, go through and compare the various packages available. You will notice that for whatever budget you have, you can still get some YouTube views for your channel.

5.      Optimize videos for SEO

To get the most value for your YouTube videos, you have to optimize them for search. SEO is an important factor to consider when creating your video content, as it will help you get a lot of traffic even without spending a cent on it. Things like having the right title, interesting thumbnails, compelling video description, and others will go a long way in ensuring that your videos are easily found in search.


Your YouTube channel has great potential of turning your business into a money-making factory. But this is only possible if you learn the ways of improving its performance as a marketing platform. The strategies we have discussed in this post will see you through the most difficult times in marketing, and you will be smiling as others struggle.

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