Video management software is key to efficiency


If you’re looking for a software system that can help streamline operations and increase efficiency in your business, consider investing in a video management software (VMS) solution. With the right VMS, you can utilize features like single sign-on, active directory, and more.

Benefits of video management software

Keep reading to learn more about how VMS software can benefit your business.

Better Security With User Permissions

When a video management system software requires various permission levels, it’s a great way to enhance security and ensure that only authorized users have access to the data they need. System administrators, for example, would possess the highest level of authorization.

Other users are limited in their usage and do not have access to sensitive data which could compromise safety or introduce security issues. Depending on how intricate the system is and how many users there are, user permissions can vary from two up to four tiers of roles.

Quick Access With Single Sign-On

Video management software that offers Single Sign-On (SSO) is becoming increasingly popular with IT professionals and end users alike.

SSO provides an ideal balance between security and convenience, enabling quick access to multiple systems via SAML/OAuth without compromising on safety. This combination of benefits makes it a highly sought-after feature in video management applications today.

Integrating Active Directory

Integrating Microsoft Windows’ Active Directory service with video management software can help centralize and monitor user permissions, access controls, and applications within the camera system.

This serves as an internal database that will manage all relevant information from the VMS to any wider organizational management systems. Since this is a sensitive repository of crucial data, it must be protected using advanced security strategies against malicious attacks.

Reviewing Footage Quickly

Reviewing stored footage from traditional surveillance systems can be a laborious task, especially when the user is unsure of what they’re looking for. This is where Advanced Search Filters come into play and prove to be incredibly valuable; they enable users to quickly locate specific moments without having to scroll through hours upon hours of video.

Motion detection and vehicle detection filters withinvideo management software provide just two examples of these types of search options which offer tremendous convenience in finding necessary information in large amounts of data more efficiently. So, it comes as no surprise that modern security camera solutions are increasingly integrating such features.

Share Videos in Real-Time

Link sharing, and live link sharing, allow a user to share a real-time video feed with other people. This can be access-protected for certain users or made publicly available to anyone who receives the link—something that can allow various stakeholders to immediately see the situation on the ground during an emergency.

With modern video management software, you can often trigger a link to be sent through various means with the click of a button.

Easy Maintenance With Alerts

VMS System Alerts, including System Health Alerts, help keep users updated about any issues or potential problems in a video management system. If there is a technical issue, like a camera going offline or a change of any sort in camera status, a notification will alert users that something must be addressed or updated. Alerts generally can be sent through email, text, a proprietary app, or other means depending upon the video management software options.


Overall, VMS software can provide a significant benefit to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to streamline their security operations and reduce downtime while improving efficiencies and storing higher-quality data.

The automation of video security processes and access to real-time data can all lead to improved decision-making, better customer service, and more. Altogether, VMS software is a powerful tool for organizations looking to maximize their business potential.

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