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Getting organized when your routine is disrupted: 5 strategies


This concise guide outlines five strategies for getting organized when your work, business or even home routine has been disrupted.

A daily routine has many benefits in our lives. It makes us feel like we have more control and it can help us fit in everything that is important to us. Routine can also improve our mental health, reduce stress, create healthy habits, and make it easier to deal with any change. However, you don’t have to panic if your routine gets disrupted.

Breaking out of a routine from time to time can help us to create new ideas and experience more from our day. As long as you can stay organized during interference with your routine, it will make it a lot easier to get back into a routine that works best for you.

5 strategies for getting organized

If you need help with getting organized when your routine is disrupted, here are five things you can do.

Make schedules and deadlines

Organized people do not waste time. They understand how good organization works alongside productivity, even if their routine has been disrupted. Creating a schedule and setting goals and deadlines is the first step to getting organized and keeping on top of your day or week.

You can do this in physical form or by using your Outlook calendar. To improve your organization skills further, you can use software like Time Tackle. This expands the functionality of Outlook Calendar, making it super easy to turn this information into data.

Write down information

Writing down information as a strategy for getting organized allows you to remember important events and keep on top of the schedules and deadlines you’ve set yourself. It also helps you to keep on top of your day and fit in everything you wanted to do, even though your routine was disrupted. When stuff is written down, you can look back on it and keep track of your days. It can keep you motivated because you will be able to see things that you have achieved over the previous days and want to keep that feeling up in the future.

Use your time wisely

Just because your routine has been disrupted, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your time in a productive manner. Using your time wisely will help you feel less hopeless and lost when you experience any change.

If your routine has changed because something that was part of your daily or weekly life has been canceled, then use that free time to better yourself or to spend time with the people closest to you until an alternative is figured out.

Do not procrastinate

The longer you sit there thinking about doing something, the harder it is to get it done. If you don’t want your life outside of your routine to be so demanding and stressful, then you should organize yourself as soon as you experience any kind of disruption. This means that you need to put in the effort as soon as you can, as this will lift a weight off your shoulders, as it will be completed and you won’t have to think about doing it later on.

Keep your space tidy

Your home or office — and defintiely your home office — is a space that you need to feel comfortable in. When you need to relax and unwind, home is the place that should feel like your safe haven for doing so. If your routine has experienced change and your living space is a mess, then it will make your life feel similar. When things are clean and tidy, you will feel like you have more control over the space you spend the majority of your time, which will make you feel more organized and positive in return.


When a good routine is disrupted, it can throw off our minds and can make us feel stressed and lost at times. However, getting organized helps us to keep some of that control that we desire from a routine and it can benefit our daily lives in many other ways too.

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