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What are the Top 50 sites for ambitious women?


Top 50 Sites - TBWMWhat are the Top 50 sites for ambitious women? What have been your go-to sites on your career path?
We want to know, and share them with other women focused on success.
So if you know a great site for career and business women, don’t keep it a secret — tell us, so we can tell everybody!


The Business Woman Media is launching its inaugural Top 50 Websites for Ambitious Women List in 2016.

Desirable criteria for the type of site or blog we are looking for are:

– Sharing tips on how to survive the workplace

– Advice on how to step up your presence, profile and productivity

– Inspirational stories of women who have ‘been there and done that’

– Niche blogs that help women in a particular industry or generation

– Wellbeing and fashion sites dedicated to ambitious women

To be considered on the list, a website must be more than just selling a product/service. It must be a HQ for a woman who is serious about her success — regardless of what field that’s in.

We’ll collate the Top 50 from around the world, and share them with our audience.

To list your favourite website and why, comment below or Tweet with hasthtag #TBWMTop50

The Top 50 sites for ambitious women final list will be launched on 1 July 2016.

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