What does the change in weather patterns mean for your business


Weather patterns are something businesses too often overlook when it comes to facilities management, but extreme weather conditions make this a mistake.

Weather experts agree that the late spring and summer months for much of the USA in 2023, are expected to be drier and warmer than normal. This is especially true of the lower border areas, such as lower Texas. Whether this is the result of La Niña/El Niño or climate change is a matter for debate. What’s certain however is that now is the time to make sure your busiess systems are in tip-top shape.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a warranty that will pay for most of your AC repair out-of-pocket expenses. In any case, you’ll want to rely on a repair company that’s not only reliable and licensed, but also reasonably priced. Say the experts at Fixd, a Carrollton, TX appliance repair company, it’s imperative that you don’t allow just any repair company to work on your systems and appliances, you need to rely licensed, reputable, and proven local repair technicians.

Your appliances and systems need to be in tip top shape. There’s no point in an AC unit that takes hours to cool down your workspace when it should only take minutes. This is where a reputable technician is worth his or her weight in gold.

With this in mind, what kind of severe weather is being predicted for the southern states this spring and summer? According to a new report by Spectrum News 1, with the first quarter of the new year close to being history, meteorologists agree that most of the great state of Texas will be hotter than normal. Also, nearly the entire state will be drier than normal through much of the early spring, or so claims the Climate Predictions Center’s annual season outlook.

What to expect from weather patterns

That said, what regions are slated to show the largest departure from the norm? Why is this change in the weather pattern being predicted in the first place?

Enter the CPC

The forecasters and meteorologists that make up the NWS Climate Prediction Center or CPC are said to utilize a variety of models, data, and other measurable items to come up with a variety of outlooks for both precipitation levels and temperatures all across the U.S. One of these outlooks is the CPC’s season or three-month outlook. The specific outlook for January through March of 2023 (or what’s considered the first quarter) showed a drier, warmer weather pattern all across the state of Texas.

Forecasters are now working on the second quarter which will naturally usher in the hot season in June. If you live in Texas and your HVAC systems are not in tip top shape, now is the time to get them repaired.

But you should keep in mind that predictions are just educated guesses at best, and all out mistakes at worse. In other words, it doesn’t mean that Texas is necessarily about to enter into a serious drought or experience life-threatening heat. The predictions merely serve as information so that the Texas native can be better prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Warmer than Usual?

Says Texas’ Spectrum News 1, three months is said to be a relatively long period for temperatures to be fluctuating up and town. Even if the CPC predicts hotter or warmer than normal temps, you can make out periods of time where temps actually fall below average. In other words, even in the 2020s, weather is still difficult to predict.

The seasonal temperature outlook prepared by the CPC is said to place all the Texas coast, Central Texas, West Texas, and South Texas at a forty to fifty percent chance of experiencing higher than normal temperatures. A smaller area that makes up northeast Texas and portions of Central Texas is indicating that they will see a thirty-three to forty percent chance of above average temps. But this remains to be seen.

Areas in the Texas Panhandle and North Texas including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and Wichita Falls will more than likely see below or above normal temperatures. This is another way of saying the CPC has no clue about what to experience temperature wise in these areas in the coming months. One thing is for sure, it’s Texas and in the summer, it gets hot. So, prepare your AC units accordingly.

Drier than Usual?

While some of Northeastern Texas is predicted to experience above normal precipitation levels, the rest of the state should expect drier than normal weather. While this might sound bad, it doesn’t mean Texas won’t receive its share of Spring rains.

In truth, the Spring season could bring above-average rainfall. However, combined rainfall for the year will likely be below normal. Climate predictions are presently being influenced by the La Niña/El Niño weather model, which usually means less rain fall.

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