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Women philanthropists are increasingly supporting worthwhile causes


Starting with a £1m donation to help families in Ukraine, women philanthropists are stepping up to the plate for good causes. Despite the tough times this world is going through; the actions by these women show there is always room for kindness, solidarity, and goodwill.

5 women philanthropists of note

Today, we will share a story about five women philanthropists in business who decided to donate a hefty chunk of change to a good cause to change the world for the better.

Denise Coates

Denise Coates (pictured), the head of Bet365, has donated roughly £1m to help families in Ukraine carve their way out of the ongoing crisis. Bet365 is a UK brand that expanded in the US as well, and it can be found among the list of NJ sports betting online brands. The Denise Coates Foundation focuses on offering financial support to local, national, and international causes and charitable projects worldwide, with health and well-being being the two key areas of its efforts. The charitable organization also funnels its funds towards education, disaster recovery, emergency relief, medical research, development, community, arts, and culture.

Donating £1m to the DEC Ukraine Appeal is one of its latest contributions. Their hope the families that found themselves amid a fiery conflict between Russia and Ukraine will find enough resources, food, water, shelter, and medical assistance to weather the storm.

On behalf of the Denise Coates Foundation, an official spokesman stated they are delighted to make this donation at this crucial time and express their support, allowing DEC member charities to provide the necessary resources to those affected by the conflict.

MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott, the former spouse of Jeff Bezos, has sent out a whopping $3.8 billion since June to a wide range of different charitable organizations, 465 in total. According to her, the ones she ended up choosing had something to do with aiding underrepresented people from groups of all kinds.

A notable example is the $275m donation to Planned Parenthood. The donation was made to ease women’s access to sexual and reproductive health care, especially during the times when access to abortion seems to be obstructed like never before. For example, certain US states like Texas and its restrictive anti-abortion laws make it increasingly difficult for women to access the essential health care they need.

As for the other donations, Scott herself has said that there are no particular policies or reforms the donations aim to advocate. For instance, some of the funds enabled better educational and workplace opportunities for women. But if there’s a central theme to it all, her work aims to reach out to those whose voices have been underrepresented.

Bloomberg Billionaires Index indicates that MacKenzie Scott is the 22nd wealthiest individual worldwide and one of the world’s richest women, sitting on a massive fortune of $55bn. Interestingly enough among women philanthropists, she has spoken out against the very same structures that allowed her and Bezos to amass this kind of wealth and has done so on multiple occasions.

Kendra Scott

In March 2022, Kendra Scott donated $13m to the University of Texas at Austin with the intent of helping entrepreneurially spirited women achieve their goals. Jay Hartzel from UT Austin applauded her contribution, stating that the investment is bound to transform the lives of thousands of future leaders, the benefits of which will be felt by all of society. He is convinced her partnership with the University of Texas will attract the top talent to the region. The educational entity wishes to play its part in leveraging the strength of its city to become an engine for entrepreneurship.

Kendra Scott made it clear the donation is aimed at supporting the next generation of female entrepreneurs. She loves seeing how the University of Texas is where the female entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured, thus allowing women to shatter the outdated business stereotypes. She wishes the donation would enable women to use their knowledge and skills to make a change in the world and redefine the essence of entrepreneurship.

The University of Texas is where Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (or KS WELI for short) invites aspiring female entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas. Their presentations are assessed and judged by Scott herself and other invited women philanthropists and celebrities. The winning idea is set to receive $10,000 in funding. Having provided the tools women need to make their business goals a reality and donating more than $50,000 in scholarships ever since its inception in 2019, KS WELI is one of the driving forces in women-led startup culture.

Dr. Tracy Timberlake & Vivian Olodun

Last but not least of the women philanthropists, we are delighted to present the inspiring female business duo who also made a charitable contribution. First, we have Vivian Olodun-Anderson, the writing force behind the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel articles. The second part of the duo is Dr. Tracy Timberlake, the lioness behind Flourish Media and the creator of several courses that have sold for millions of dollars combined.

These two inspiring female leaders have joined forces to help women achieve their entrepreneurial goals through Flourish Media Conference Small Business Grant, which gives them the funding they need to transform their idea into reality. Ever since 2017, the year of its inception, one of its core objectives has been to support women and minority-owned businesses by providing the necessary funding. The duo donated to FMC Small Business Grant tasked with vetting out the most suitable entrepreneurial candidate to receive $1,000 – up to three candidates are eligible.

Olodun also happens to be the force that led to the formation of FMC. During a discussion with her colleague, he named a list of reasons he would be willing to invest in women-owned businesses, denoting them as excellent problems solvers and more likely to create a work environment that’s both pleasant and flexible. In response, Olodun jokingly inquired about his willingness to put his money where his mouth was – and the rest is history.


Women in business are an inspiration to us all. Their selfless acts of charity as women philanthropists remind us that good still exists in our society. Those who often find themselves pushed to the sidelines are encouraged to realize their actual value and potential despite the circumstances they’re dealing with. If funding goes where it’s needed, perhaps we can make a change in this world.


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