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Supporting others: Your next move in your career in care


Women are often known for their caring nature, and many people prefer to talk to a female family member, college, or professional when they need counsel and advice. If you’ve decided that career in care is right for you; you’ll be used to the long hours and hard work; however, you’ll also receive unparalleled rewards and understand how vital your help can be to someone. If you’ve decided that this is the year you want to push your career further and move up the ladder in your place of work, or perhaps head to new pastures; it’s worth making a plan regarding what you’ll need to do to achieve your goals.

If your specialist area is mental health or psychology; you’ll already have the personality traits and skills required to take on more responsibilities an increase your knowledge and experience. Therefore, you’ll need to consider how feasible taking on new study sessions, working hours, and budgeting is, regarding what you what to achieve this year. Once you have the admin part out of the way; you’ll have the room to grow and evolve into a new role or line of work within mental health care, and can continue your dream of helping others find peace and happiness. The following are some ideas for those looking to take a step forward, or in a different direction, in their role in health care this year, and are willing to put the added work and effort in whenever it’s required.

More strings to your bow 

A common and traditional way to further your counseling career or role within a mental health care environment is to study and gain new qualifications. You’ll want to carry on with your working life in the meantime, so it’s worth checking out clinical mental health counseling graduate programs that are online to see how they could fit around your current lifestyle and responsibilities. Talk to the rest of your team or senior members of staff; they will be able to assist you and accommodate any potential changes to your hours. If you’re planning to stay in the same workplace; you’ll find that your training and further study can contribute towards a new job role and will benefit everyone, including your employers. Don’t forget that companies often prefer to hire from within, so your new skill-set will be a bonus, and the added strings to your bow won’t go unnoticed.

Get out of the library

With any course or qualification in mental health; you’ll be working with people to gain valuable experience and knowledge of an array of sectors of society, from all backgrounds, and in various situations. Therefore, it’s crucial that you get out of your books as often as you can during your studies, and begin some on-the-ground work experience to enrich your resume and your personal knowledge. The more people you come into contact with, the better you’ll be able to do your job effectively. Expose yourself to all situations and embrace the challenges and work that lie ahead for a long and successful career in healthcare.

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