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6 bold career moves all business women should make in 2017


This is the year when women should shatter the glass ceiling and make their mark in the business world. Several successful businesswomen are proving that business is not just a man’s world, and if anything, women can do it better. You just need to look at the likes of Gina Rinehart, who recently closed a multimillion dollar property deal that makes her company the largest landowner in Australia and will create jobs for Australian workers. Or look at the likes of IndraNooyi, who is the CEO of Pepsico and returned shareholders with over $5 billion in revenue profits. These stories are nothing short of impressive, however every woman in the workplace has the opportunity to ‘defy the odds against them’ in 2017 by making the following career-advancing moves.

Prioritise sustainability.

Businesses need to be doing more to improve their social responsibility. Be bold in your actions by finding ways to add value to your organisation while contributing to sustainable efforts. This might involve investing in eco-efficient technology such as LED light bulbs, which can save the organisation up to 60% in overhead lighting costs annually. Or improving business processes so that waste and carbon emissions are minimized. Or that you reach out to organisations that can help your organisation improve its sustainability efforts, such as ink cartridge recyclers.

Drive creativity.

Creativity isn’t something that should be shunned away. The more creative your employees are, the more opportunity there will be for your organisation to improve revenues, cut costs, improve processes and improve overall profits. Members of your organisation might come up with a new product or service that could add millions of dollars to your organisation’s revenue. The more it is suppressed, the more revenue your organisation will be losing.

Empower people within your organisation.

You will get the most out of people if you allow them to thrive the way that they want to in their working environment.(Inc) This might involve having them work in an aesthetically appealing location, such as overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, or working in the heart of the big city such as London.

Virgin founder Richard Branson has said that employees are like flowers. The more you water them and take care of them, the more they will flourish. And the more they feel empowered, the more they will do to contribute value to the organisation.

Keep sales growth as your primary goal.

No matter what role you have in your organisation, make sure that your actions contribute to the sales cycle in your organisation. If you aren’t involved in the direct selling process, is there a way that your actions can help salespeople close the sale or to sell the product at a higher price point?

Look out for growth opportunities through acquisitions.

You want your organisation to grow quickly through sales, however the acquisition of established companies can really drive the growth of the organisation forward. Should your organisation have access to capital, seek out organisations that can potentially help your business grow and become a large player in the market.

Be fearless.

Although this isn’t a skill, don’t let the fear of having a setback prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve in the future. If you have an idea, make sure to voice it. If someone asks for a volunteer, be the first to go for it. Don’t worry about being judged by your peers. Just remember that you will always gain more than you will lose. And should things not work out in the short-term, you will learn the lessons that will allow you to succeed in the long-term.

The world is your oyster. You don’t need to be in a position where you will always be the bridesmaid. Be bold, take chances and the success will come.

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