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Women treat other business women differently too 


As a business woman, in the business world I find that not only do men treat women differently to other men — so do women.

It’s a case of you’re screwed either way. That is, of course, unless you get savvy about it.

A very common scenario is crossing boundaries. Men have no qualms crossing boundaries when it comes to being too familiar with a woman, even if the advances are not welcome.

It’s not uncommon to find men asking questions such as “are you single?” and “what are you doing Friday night” to even the more extreme (and yes this happens) questions such as “what position do you like most?”

I have never seen a man ask another man this question. Why is it ok to ask a woman about her dating life or sexual preferences? It’s NOT.

But let’s look at where women also cross boundaries – but in a different way. Women ask other women to do things for free ALL the time.

Mind you, they ask for free services or even products without any clarification as to what the giver will receive in return. It’s as if being a woman translates to ‘help a sister out’ which in business can also translate to ‘go bankrupt’.

You rarely – if ever — see women asking a man to do this, do you? If a woman wants something from a man in business, there is generally a show of respect for his time and money.

A woman is more likely to pay a man for a product or service than she would a woman.

This is why being a business woman is harder than it needs to be. We must be on guard at all times and call out double standards as we see them — although always in a strategic way.

For example, if a man consistently asks you inappropriate questions, wait until his superior is around and then bring up his question and say you would rather not answer it. Of course, only employ this strategy if you are sure the superior will support you. Another method is silence. This can be very powerful… in fact, deafening. It will leave them in a state of uneasiness that gives you the upper hand.

When it comes to dealing with women, they can be very reactive (in a not so positive way) if you speak up and demand to be treated equally as they would a man. The best way to handle other women in a case like this is to keep it business and not personal.

Remember the saying “people will treat you how you let them treat you”. If someone asks for goods or services, give them a price. If they can’t pay (or don’t want to) then give them an alternative on how you can best receive a return on that investment. Otherwise the answer is no.

Standing your ground is THE most powerful tool you have and it costs you absolutely nothing. In fact it will save you thousands over the year, and in time people will know when it comes to dealing with you… it’s all about business.

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