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You’ve won an award — now what?


Winning an award can be a great public relations tool for a woman in business or the corporate world. But while the buzz of the announcement is, and the trophy itself might look nice on your office wall or reception desk, there are some even better aspects to winning an award.

Whether it’s a leadership award or a general business award in your local area, there is value and power in leveraging the award as much as possible to help build your profile and generate business.

Here’s a guide on how to leverage, leverage, leverage!

1. You’re a finalist

The moment you’ve been told you’re a finalist, make sure you start leveraging this ASAP. If they give you a logo saying ‘finalist’ then use it in your website, email signature and social media accounts. Also, thank (and tag) the people that run the awards too.

2. The event

If there is an awards event make sure you attend and track on social media all the way. From getting ready to go, right up to the announcement. Use the appropriate hashtag to encourage retweets. Yes you need to check in at that event with great pictures.

3. Support other winners

During the event make sure you tweet when other people win and use the hashtag and tag them also. Show your support and it will also raise awareness if your brand to a wider audience.

4 . You’ve won!

Have a speech that represents your brand and acknowledges the people that were pivotal in getting you there. Tweet photos and always use the hashtag. Thank the sponsors of the event via social media too.

5. Leverage leverage leverage the win.

A) Make sure you take advantage of all the relevant collateral given to you saying you’re a winner.

B) Contact the relevant media in your area or industry and let them know about your win.

C) Let your clients and prospects know via your email newsletter and social media — link it to a promotional offer too

6. Signage

If you have a shop front or vehicle you use for business. Have a sign that shows you’re a winner of this award.

7. Branding

Include your award in your bio on LinkedIn and anything sent to media or blogs. Have it at the end of articles you write.

8. Speaking

Winning an awards can also assist with securing speaking opportunities in your area of expertise.

9. Next award

Make sure you continue to apply for awards. Nominate yourself if need be. Be proficient in applying and the more you win the more likely you will take it to the next level and apply for more prestigious awards.

When it comes to awards make sure you look at the quality and representation of each award before applying. Avoid the popularity contest awards and focus on panel style judging awards.

About Amanda Rose

Founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Amanda Rose is also the only 'strategic connector', a brand strategist, keynote speaker and host of Amanda Rose TV. Connect with Amanda Rose on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or visit

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