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10 tips for working mothers to balance work and home


Being a working mother can be challenging for any woman. Once you become a mom, you need to have superhuman skills to keep a balance between work and life. The mind-boggling lists of chores give you shiver down your spine. From taking care of kitchen and looking after the home to grooming your kids and paying bills, there is an entire list of errands that need your attention. The pressure of work keeps you going the extra mile to keep a balance between both frontiers. The scenario becomes even worse when you have no one around to lend you a helping hand.

Part of the problem is associated with your inability to find a balance between work and life. Mothers who lack skills to manage work and life tend to lose balance of life and end up becoming victim of work overload that tends to take it tolls on their health.

For desperate working mothers who are looking for real help in maintaining a balance in work and life, we present here 10 tips that will help them live their life with sanity:

1.     Plan your time

A working mom is always in a race against time. The urge to do more results in poor performance at work and a terrible mood at home. To succeed in both roles, it is important for you to have a plan of your daily work commitments so that you can manage more and work less. From the time you wake up till the time you retire to bed, you need to lay out a time table of your daily routine and work on it with diligence.

2.     Be conscious of your priorities

To become a successful working mom, it is important for you to set priorities in your life. You should to be conscious of things that need your immediate attention. To achieve this important goal, you need to draw a line between important and less important tasks. By reshuffling your priorities, you can give priority to jobs that need more of your attention.

3.     Schedule time for social events

In busy lives of moms, social events are like uninvited intruders that spoil their work schedule. To deal with these unexpected engagements, you need to have a calendar where you can mark dates of important events. Keep the calendar on a visible place to give you a mental alert of upcoming events. Scheduling your social events will help you organize things in advance so that you are not panicking in the last moment.

4.     Take help of technology

Technology reduces barriers of distance and time. For working moms, it serves as a productive tool to balance work and life. Gmail, DropBox, Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are all cool technological resources that can help you enjoy more time and maintain a balance in work and life.

5.     Make use of your weekend

For every working mom, weekend is the time to unwind. However, moms can use this occasional free time to have their pending tasks done, for example repairing a car, visiting a dentist or mending a faulty garage door. Since you tend to overlook these important tasks, you can use weekend as an opportunity to pay attention these incomplete tasks.

6.     Avoid distractions

Focus in life helps you accomplish your goals on time. By avoiding in futile indulgences, you can help yourself save more time that you can spend with your family and loved ones. Therefore, you need to avoid the temptation to engage too much in worthless nagging at home or chit-chats at work that only makes your work and life suffer.

7.     Take out “me” time

In the circus of maintaining work and life, you make yourself prone to stress that secretly affects your health without you knowing it. Therefore, it is important for you to take out quality “me” to not let stress overpower you so that you keep enjoying a healthy life.

8.     Find a help

If you are struggling with maintaining a balance in your life, then you should seek help of your support system to alleviate your suffering. For working mom, a spouse is the safest source to turn for a help. Being your better half, he will be more than happy to come as a support.

9.     Delegate tasks to your children

If you cannot give your chidren enough time, then you should help them learn things. Do not feel guilty as it will make them independent enough to look after themselves when you are not around. Delegate them tasks like doing the dishes or ironing clothes so that they do not mess up things while you are away.

10.  Make preparations a night before

Make all your preparations before you hit the bed. Prepare your dresses, do the dishes, pack the lunch and put all your personal belongings in your bag so that you are not fumbling with things the next morning.

Being a working woman is a tough call as you have to juggle with myriads of tasks. By applying these helpful tips, you can help yourself get more control of your life.

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Eileen Burton is a recruiter for Assignment Valley. She also enjoys sharing advice on topics related to HRM, career consultancy and career growth.

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      May 24, 2016 at 6:09 pm

      I also have a working mother and she’s nothing less than a superwoman



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