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10 tips to become more visible at work


Have you ever felt invisible at work? Like your ideas, suggestions and contributions go unnoticed? Well, don’t worry. Everyone has. But there are ways to become more visible at work. And no matter how many times your ideas get shot down or you’re not thanked for your part, keep going until you’re given the recognition you deserve and became more visible.

Write down things you are most known for

Writing down the things you’re good at or known for e.g. ability to negotiate or problem solve — is a great way for you to know what you have to offer and where you can go using them. Displaying these traits more prominently can also lead to more work and responsibilities around the office, as well as furthering your career progression.

Additionally, by writing down the things you are good at and known for, you will be able focus on these skills with more depth and analyze how you can benefit from them more in the workplace and get to the level you want to in your career.

Spread your wings

By spreading your wings and getting out of comfort zone, you open yourself up to a whole new world of opportunities, both personally and professionally. By becoming more involved around the office and on work projects, not only do you meet new people or get to know old ones better, you also learn new skills associated with the new projects, which can only benefit your career.

Additionally, by becoming more involved in one-off work projects or charities your company supports, you are able to show off your skills and show what charities you support too by getting involved with them.

Contribute to company or industry publications

Working for a company or industry that has its own publication/s is a great opportunity for you to take up because you will be able to show your depth and insight on a specific topic or the industry as a whole.

It will also give you the opportunity to be heard and to have others know what you are thinking. Which can also be done by writing positive or supportive comments on a co-workers article, especially if you are unsure about where to start in writing your own articles.

Be a team player

A great way to become more visible at work is to be a team player because, at the end of the day, you and all of your colleagues are on the same team.

Additionally, by showing how well you work within a team, you are showing your boss that you have more skills up your sleeve than the ones listed on your resume and that you are able to adapt to new situations, especially if new colleagues are involved.

This is because, while employers are looking for someone who has the right skills and can perform the job, they are also looking for someone who is well rounded. Basically, someone who knows how to interact and work with people to achieve the same goal.


Don’t be afraid to stick your hand up for new challenges, tasks or projects. By volunteering to do things in and out of the office, you will be able to show your boss that you are eager to take on more work and help out, that you want to learn new things and that you have a proactive approach to doing things.

Additionally, you will also be able to show any leadership qualities you have and that you are willing to take on new challenges when you can.

Apply your skills more

By applying the skills you’ve learned throughout your job, you will be able to show your boss, and coworkers, that you are interested in learning and putting what you’ve learned into practice and not just showing up everyday and faining interest in things.

You will also be able to show how well you can perform these skills, which may even lead to training new employees or even old ones who need refreshing.

Speak up and share your ideas

Being afraid to speak up and share your ideas is a great way to go unnoticed. By contributing to the conversation, you will show your boss and co-workers that you are a confident employee and co-worker and that you are willing to contribute to the meeting and project at hand.

So, even if your ideas don’t go ahead, never be afraid to put them forward because they are valid and your co-workers want to hear your thoughts on a topic.

Exceed deadlines

Exceeding deadlines is a great way to show your boss, and those around you, how fast and effectively you can work.

By completing work in a fast, efficient manner before it is officially due, you will also be able to show your boss what you are capable of and this, in turn, can lead to more work opportunities and responsibilities around the office.

The trick with this, though, is to make sure that you have not overlooked anything in your research and in writing the final product.

Additionally, one of the last things you’ll want to do is hand in a sloppy or poor piece of work for publishing because this definitely will not look good to your boss or co-workers. So be careful, as well as an excellent worker.

Always show your best work

No matter what your assignment is, always give 100% and nothing less. You should never complete anything to a low standard because effort is what your boss wants to see, no matter what assignment you’ve been given.

Because by doing your best work, your boss will see what you are capable of and they could even start to rely on you more by asking you for help with various other projects. With this one, the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives.

Ask questions

Asking questions is an important part of life and learning. Without it, we wouldn’t know anything. In the workforce, particularly, not asking questions will cause you to miss important facts and go about your day with incomplete information.

Additionally, by asking questions, you will be able to show that you are paying attention and are taking your job seriously. So no matter how silly, stupid or quirky you think your question is, don’t be afraid to ask it because, otherwise, you won’t progress to the level you want to.


To become more visible at work, you need to do and be a lot of things, especially when it comes to impressing your boss and co-workers and displaying all the right skills to set yourself apart.

And while making yourself visible can often feel like a lot of effort for a slow reward, in the end, it will be worth it because of the benefits your hard work pays off

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Rowena Nagy is a Journalist at The Business Woman Media. A graduate in Journalism, Media and Communications, she is passionate about in writing, travel journalism, video journalism and Public Relations.

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