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20 Instagram accounts that inspire career and business women


With over 300 million monthly users, Instagram has quickly become a favorite among social media enthusiasts of all ages.  In addition to being a great place for fashion & fitness inspiration, Instagram has also become an awesome platform for professionals to foster quality connections, access daily motivation and discover unique career resources.  Below are 20 Instagram accounts that inspire career and business women in the areas of entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, branding, design and technology!


Inspired by the book “Glambitious: How To Live Vicariously Through Yourself”, this account provides a well rounded presentation of motivational quotes and business tools, with a splash of fashion inspiration for stylish female professionals. Here you will find media exposure opportunities, unique branding resources and educational business modules for female professionals at


As the brainchild of Cara Alwill Leyba, this account has mastered their tag-line of “making self-help chic on the daily”.  As an Inspirational Author and Master Life Coach, she shares hip quotes to keep you motivated and empowerment reads that reveal her journey from MTV to building her own empire. Boasting over 45,000 followers, you will also catch a glimpse of her chic style and lifestyle accessories.


Created as a resource for the modern day business woman, this account has a unique approach to motivational quote sharing; They feature wise words from working women including their photo and professional title. In addition, you will find engaging graphs that highlight statistics related to our demographic as well as innovative business checklists.


Powered by Business Tech Consultant & Strategist Kristen Smith, this account shares productivity hacks and tech tips of all facets. Here you will discover new apps, social media tips and website enhancement ideas. She also shares a periscope schedule and blog write-ups with more detailed insight on how to leverage technology for your career.


As a Success Coach, TV host, Author and Huffington Post Blogger – Stacia has a ton of career insight to share and her account does just that.  This page documents her travels to coach women around the country, while highlighting creative business resources and colorful success quotes.  With 127,000 followers, she shows her large network of women how to succeed at their passion in style.


This account is on a mission to help you stay organized with an intuitive system for goals, focus and living with intention.  You will find some of the most stylish office accessories and planners on the web. Their 70,000 followers also enjoy access to free printables and organizational tips.


Google launched this page in an effort to ‘inspire girls to creatively code’.  You can learn a bit of the coding language and access interview snippets with popular female programmers. They also share inspiring video montages and helpful instructions that introduce you to the coding process.


Empowering women to take charge of their finances and build lasting wealth, this page provides a number of tips and tools in that area.  Creator Bola Onada Sokunbi also shares introspective posts that encourage you to enhance your financial acumen.  In addition she provides financial affirmations to encourage the proper money mindset.


As a hub for creatives,  you will find business marketing strategies and branding tips on a daily basis.   The account creator Natalie has an obvious commitment to helping female professions build stellar brand identities, and does so by providing information with great clarity and detail.


Widely know as an Angel Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, Barbara is also a Real Estate contributor to NBC’s TODAY.  She shares a glimpse into her exciting life coupled with #MondayMotivation quotes that encourage you to overcome professional challenges and succeed at your passion.


As a career woman, fitness is a key ingredient in the recipe for work/life balance.  This account catalogues women of all facets in action during workouts and athletic pursuits, making it a perfect page for fitness inspiration.


For the stylish career woman that desires a chic home environment, this page provides a hefty dose of interior design inspiration.  The decor photos are always chic and sophisticated; providing a plethora of ideas to incorporate into your own living space from this innovative home line.


As a luxury lifestyle design firm, this account shares their creative design & branding projects daily.  From damask prints to sparkling table decor, their signature styles are very aesthetically pleasing and creatively inspiring.


Sprinkled with gold, pink and classic patterns, this page shares a variety of exciting office items and lifestyle accessories.  Their creative business stationery makes organizing the office a little sweeter.  Their gold-foil products are also great for trendy marketing efforts.


For additional home style inspiration this account really hits the mark by sharing images that have an international tone and feel.  As an extension of their magazine, the photos have immense clarity, making this a very ideal account to follow for unique decor concepts.


A digital platform bridging the gap between ambition and achievement, this page serves as a motivational hub for the millennial woman.  Their motto is, “No one ever slows her agenda”, and they share messaging that encourage professional perseverance. In addition you will find mini-profiles on other esteemed female professionals from around the country.


The Levo League provides career advancement tips and guidance in the form of unique monthly challenges and webinars. Their challenges encourage one daily action to master specific facets of business including leadership and increased productivity.  Their page is also sprinkled with motivational quotes from celebrities and lifestyle photos that reflect a solid work/life balance.


Allyn Lewis has crafted a unique social space that reflects her mission to stylishly lead a community of dreamers, doers and world-changes to shine their brightest.  In addition to providing personal development tips for entrepreneurs, she shares a glimpse into her personal style and reveals many of her exciting ‘gem finds’.


As marketing and design leaders, this firm shares a number of branding, design and social media tips that will help propel your business.They also share free infographic templates and other resources that are great tools for online marketing initiatives.


With over 330,000 followers, this page shares a myriad of quotes to help followers stay motivated, focused and achieve goals.  The mission is to help their network switch to an abundance mindsets and embrace their full potential.  The quotes shared here are far more detailed and speak directly to the viewer, without the typical cliches.

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