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3 reasons and 5 tips to write about your business


Why am I urging you to write about your business? Well for a start, everyone thinks they’re potentially a writer. Sure, that may be a slight exaggeration but a LOT of people do think they’re the next Stephen King.

And hey, there are a lot of writers out there. Earning a Journalism or Communications degree doesn’t make you a writer: It’s the messages you’re inviting the world to read and take in that makes or breaks any writer.

So, if you’ve got a story to tell and some great ideas to share and you happen to be involved in some way in a business you’re passionate about, why not write about it?

Late last year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to write a chapter about Help Me Choose and creating a working environment that breeds success. The chapter has since been published in the newly released book, Your Success.

Why did we choose to contribute to this book? More importantly, why should you consider writing about your business?

1. Credibility

Having a book or a contribution published positions you as an expert in whatever area you’re writing about. Being part of a business book that’s been published in particular means that what you have to share is good enough to be seen by others.

2. Extend your reach

A book has the potential to reach people from right around the globe and from all walks of life: If what you have to say is interesting, people will read it, take it in and apply it to their own world. You can’t say that about too many things these days.

3. Help educate others

When writing about your business, your mindset is crucial. This isn’t a marketing exercise designed to plug your products and/or services. Give your readers valuable information and insight and in turn, you’ll capture their interest in your business anyway.

Tips to Help you Write

Okay, so you’ve had a think about it and feel like you’re ready to type like there’s no tomorrow. There’s just one problem: You can’t write.

Nonsense: Everyone can write, it may just come a little easier for some. Here are five things to keep in mind when you hit that laptop. Here are some tips to write.

1. Don’t overwrite

Believe it or not, you may actually be at an advantage if you don’t think you’re the best of writers. Why? Instead of getting caught up in fancy language and grammar technicalities, you’ll be focusing on your core message. Keep it simple, sharp and you can’t go wrong.

2. Write like you’d talk

Imagine you’re telling someone what you’re trying to write. You’ll find it far easier to communicate and make your ideas flow this way. Once it’s there, then you can go back and refine, refine, refine!

3. Write like a person

There’s no room for jargon or sales driven copy. Don’t be afraid to personalise your messages, draw upon your own experiences and write about yourself. It all helps you to establish a relationship with readers.

4. Always proof read your work

Every writer should proof read their work. This applies even more if you’re not all that confident in your writing abilities. Having somebody else go over it with fresh eyes is the best way.

5. Get a second opinion

Personally, I enjoy asking someone else to read my work before it goes out to the wider world. Not only to ensure that I’ve hit the nail on the head, but also to bounce ideas off someone else. Keep in mind: You’re getting a second opinion to improve your work, not to be told you’re the next J.K. Rowling.


About Sarah Cannata

Sarah is a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has recently launched her own website ( - original, huh?) with the aim of connecting with a variety of people (feel free to take a squiz, she’d love to hear what you think). Sarah has written for a number of websites and magazines and in her downtime, enjoys travelling and listening to music. Journey into the land of ‘make-believe’, Sarah sees herself writing in Medina in Malta which is referred to as the silent city (aka, a writer’s dream).

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