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3 reasons women should consider a career in STEM


As a woman, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the acronym STEM? Do you think of being stuck in a lab? STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. No, it does not mean you will be stuck in an acid smelling, fodder burning lab. You could be the front person of an amazing technologically advanced company, or working on a Kinesis upgrade for Ferrari.

There are so many opportunities that are offered by STEM. And it means your world can become bigger. If you thought tech was restricted to Silicon Valley, think again… There are great companies to work for in Seattle , Phoenix and Austin (to name just a few) and other cities, since the rise of technology. Most businesses are getting digitalized and are in need of professionals whoare knowlegeable in STEM. However, the number of reasons you need to consider a career in STEM are only three.

1. Women possess fantastic creativity

Creativity is not necessarily always about art. Granted that when we think of Mathematics and Engineering equations, the word creativity doesn’t exactly pop in your head. However, you’d be surprised what levels of creativity can be inspired through engineering. The whole process of dissecting a problem while looking at it and trying a different method of using technology and math to find the solution – is indeed a creative process.

Going into STEM doesn’t seem like the optimal choice for young women and professionals. It could be that STEM gives you the immediate association of calculating numbers in a premeditated fashion. However, a career in this will allow you to look at the world and its problem-solving techniques in a completely different manner. That being said, when you can do that, there aren’t any limitations when it comes to career growth.

2. Workspace diversity is important

Every field needs a certain level of diversity (gender, race) to balance thought processes – especially this one. It’s not about who is the quickest to solve an equation, but it’s more about who comes up with the solution in the most creative manner. When there is diversity, there are different forms of thinking. So if you miss something, your colleagues can actually point something out. Science and tech become the two mediums that you use to communicate your creative solution, and you will also be surrounded by like-minded individuals that believe in the same things as you do.

3. A healthy dose of curiosity and skepticism

When you are surrounded by the right type of people that push you and believe in the same ideals as you do, you’re lucky to use your curiosity and skepticism to explore many aspects of engineering. The organization you work for may allow you to look into different ways other than the conventional STEM endeavors. Ask questions differently, try different ways, and apply different techniques. You may have the privilege of looking into things like corporate strategy and business development. You may not understand it, but you will be exposed to it and that is helpful in the future.

It is quite a privilege when you start thinking, questioning, and creating out of the box. You start pushing yourself to places you never thought you could… you start becoming limitless.

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