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3 ways to improve your events


From a product launch to a company conference or retail brand activation, we all try to produce events to deliver meaningful live experiences. Whether we are aiming to educate an audience, generate sales, or just create fun brand messaging, we are always attempting to influence human behaviour in some way.

With the ever-changing interest of event guests and the growing influence of digital technologies, events must adapt and innovate in order to keep these live experiences meaningful. And they should be memorable, as was the boutique launch Event Planet did for Bulgari (pictured).

So how can we improve upon our work time and time again? From our experience, these are the 3 key areas industry can embrace to turn a good event into a great one:

Create unique experiences with technology

A 2013 global study by Momentum Worldwide revealed that attending a branded live experience drives 65% of people to recommend the brand and 59% to buy it afterwards – more than any other type of brand experience.

Utilising digital technologies such as AI, VR, or even a Hologram host can spark interest and leverage the attention gained at the event.

One activation we’ve produced in the lead-up to various horse racing carnivals is Saddle Up with TAB, a Virtual Reality Activation. Saddle Up gave the public a chance to virtually experience riding as a jockey on one of the 12 champion horses – something many of us will never be able to experience in our lifetime.

Over four days the public engaged and interacted with the TAB brand. The uniqueness of the virtual reality experience was a big drawcard as many had not seen it before. It therefore attracted great attention and social shares. Of the people who took part in these experiences, there were another three to five spectating, and more again engaging with the brand through social media sharing. In a post-event survey, 98% of guests rated the experience as very good or excellent.

Feed the visually hungry social media world

Events can easily generate hype for one day, but the key is to leverage these branded experiences to make sure they live beyond the event day.

Research published by the American Psychological Association (2016) found that taking photos enhances the enjoyment of positive experiences. People feel more engaged when they take photos of an experience – so make your event something worthy of a snap and a follow.

Events can generate emotional and long-term connections this way, and a carefully planned event with ‘social media-worthy moments’, can turn Instagram and Facebook users into brand advocates.

For those with smaller budgets, integrating activities with a digital or social media outcome such as photobooths, GIF cameras, and Live Feeds can create a unique way for guests to interact with a brand whilst also providing additional measurements of success.

Think sustainably

Producing less waste is becoming a priority for events worldwide and an increasing number of Event Planet clients take corporate sustainability into account when planning their event.

The events industry can have a huge environment impact as a result from its use of lighting, transport, display exhibitions and disposable usage. Recently, this has been in the limelight for big events like the Sydney Mardi Gras, that recently put a ban on using glitter.

Particularly if you are marketing to millennials, following sustainable practises and finding eco-friendly alternatives are a must if you want to connect to their interest.  Some simple things event planners can do include:

• Sourcing local goods, services and staff (especially those with sustainability credentials)

  • Hosting “Zero Waste Events” where everything is reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, re-saleable or compostable and ensuring that the appropriate bins are in place
  • Using technology to reduce the amount of printed event materials
  • Saying “no” to balloons and another non-collectable, environmentally unfriendly event bi-products
  • Storing and reusing props (especially if similar events run annually or more frequently)
  • Offering “service and repair” for existing client assets
  • Selling unwanted props on eBay or donating them to Reverse Garbage
  • Offering leftover food to OzHarvest and other food collection and redistribution charities.

Not only is it beneficial to the environment and it appeals to your audience, but it can also lead to cost benefits for your client.

About Amy Merriman

Amy Merriman is the Founder and Managing Director of Event Planet. With over 18 successful years in business and numerous industry awards such as the prestigious Australian Event Management Company of the Year, Event Planet is one of Australia’s most established, respected and innovative event management agencies, and has been running bespoke events for over 17 years for a number of blue-chip clients such as Coca Cola, Nestle, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Cliquot, Land Rover and Marks & Spencer. [email protected]

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