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3 Ways a virtual landline can help your business


Being a successful businesswoman takes hard work, and it also takes flexibility, so it’s important that your technology is just as flexible and efficient. A smart entrepreneur is always looking for innovations and new trends in business that can help them gain a competitive edge, and in this increasingly competitive business environment, that can be more important now than it’s ever been. One way to gain the edge over your competitors is to introduce a virtual landline, so here are three ways that it can be of benefit to your business, whatever sector it’s in.

Be in reach, wherever you are

When you run your own business, you can’t be tied to your office every working hour. There will be meetings to attend, potential clients to see, and sales to be made, but that doesn’t mean that calls to your office have to remain unanswered. When you have a virtual phone line from a specialist in this field such as Avoxi, calls to the number can be forwarded to your mobile phone wherever you are in the world. It means you never have to miss an important call, and you can have calls forwarded to any device, absolutely anywhere.

Build the trust of customers

As a businesswoman, you’ll understand how important it is to build trust in customers and potential customers, whether they are members of the public or other businesses. If it’s the first time a person is calling you, especially if they are going to place an order or discuss doing so, they want to feel that they’re talking to an established business that’s run along professional lines. A mobile phone number just doesn’t say that, but a landline certainly does. By using a virtual landline, your customers will gain the peace of mind that comes from ringing a landline number, even though you’ll be able to receive and answer the call on your mobile phone.

Saving money for you and your callers

One of the greatest advantages of a virtual phone line for a business is that they can save money for both you and the person calling. It’s easy to set up virtual toll-free numbers or numbers that are local to a particular area, which can be particularly popular for people who live there. The lack of set up fees and minimum contract terms also makes them especially attractive to businesses, especially when they use services such as those provided by Avoxi, which also offers 15 days of free call recording, as well as a host of additional features including unlimited call conference hosting. Add all these features together and they could cost a substantial amount of money if they were purchased separately to a virtual landline solution.

Setting up a virtual landline for your business isn’t just a smart thing to do to make you more easily contactable and boost your reputation and trustworthiness; it’s also cost-effective and can be set up quickly and easily online. That means that you won’t have to wait for the advantages that a virtual phone line can bring, and we all know that waiting is the last thing that a forward-thinking business should be doing.

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