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4 Tips for making your business stand out to like-minded women


Attracting the right audience to your business is critical to success. It’s almost always easier to market to a specific target group than a broad audience. If your target audience is like-minded female entrepreneurs, there can be other benefits as well, like building a community and sharing leads and ideas.

If you’re not sure how to attract the right audience, the task can seem daunting. Read on to learn how to make your business stand out to the right crowd.

1. Have a strong social media presence for your business

Sometimes effective marketing is less about being in the customer’s face and more about building awareness. Having a good social media presence can help you attract the right audience, but you’ll need to make sure you use the right networks. Facebook is usually a safe bet, but Instagram and Pinterest are also more favored by women and may be better for engaging with your target audience.

Once you decide which networks to focus on, you can automate your social media posts using tools like Buffer or MeetEdgar so you don’t have to spend hours every day posting. Just be sure to check in and engage with your followers periodically!

2. Get active in industry networking groups

A great way to build a reputation and get your business’s name out to other women is to get active in groups where your target audience spends its time. These groups can be online, like Facebook groups and Slack channels. They can also be offline, like local meetups for business owners. Either way, focus on providing value and building relationships, rather than looking for a sales opportunity in every conversation. 

If you can’t find a networking group to join, create your own! Hosting networking events for other business women helps attract attention to your business and build brand awareness. Plan a local event, and promote it through social media, your business’s website, sites like Meetup, and direct advertisements.

These types of groups give you an opportunity not only to talk with other female business owners and promote your business but also to develop relationships that might be beneficial down the road. These meetups can provide a much-needed sense of community—the entrepreneurial life is often a lonely one, so finding a group of people going through the same challenges can be hugely beneficial.

If your primary customers are other business owners, these meetups are even more beneficial. Putting on an impressive networking event paints your business in a positive light—you’re a go-getter making things happen, which is exactly what potential business-to-business (B2B) customers look for.

3. Have a mobile credit card reader for on-the-spot sales

We’re all busy, and sometimes customers just need to pay for something and get on with their day. Having a mobile card reader allows you to be flexible and cater to busy women juggling their careers and other obligations by taking payments from anywhere you happen to be. This preparation shows that you understand and can meet their needs—two key ingredients in building a strong customer relationship and generating repeat business.

When you think mobile payment, the Square reader may be the first thing that jumps to mind, but there are quite a few similar devices on the market. They all do effectively the same thing, but reader cost and transaction fees vary from company to company. Square and Intuit GoPayment are two good bets.

4. Offer special sales incentives to women in business 

You can also show appreciation and attract potential customers by holding sales events for specific demographics. Many businesses have military discount days or offer discounts for employees of major local businesses. You can hold a “Women in Business” day where you offer a discount or special promotion for female entrepreneurs.

An event like this can also be useful marketing material. Print up flyers and distribute them to local businesses you think might be interested and send out emails to your mailing list with details to spread the word!

Marketing well to your target audience is crucial to building a successful business. If your target audience is like-minded women, these tips should get you off to a good start. Have more ideas on how to get the word out about your business? Share them in the comments!

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