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5 key factors to improve your business in 2017


As one calendar year comes to an end and another begins, we all start to think about the things we’ll do differently and the areas we’ll improve. It might be more common in your personal life, but just because your business or financial year isn’t coming to, it doesn’t mean that you can’t commit to making changes in your business life too.

Ahead of the New Year, think about what it is you’d like to achieve. It to get more customers, make more sales, hire more staff or make more money, you’ll be able to skip your way happily over to the achievement line by focusing your efforts on these key areas.


You might be doing alright, you might even be doing really well, but they key to having a better business is always improving. If you’re positive that you can do that alone, you’re wrong. You always need support. Whether it’s gaining a different perspective or being pushed and challenged, using a virtual executive could be the difference between staying where you are and surpassing even your own expectations.


Making your business more efficient is probably a long-term goal that you have. Whether you’re working on it already or have planned to, you need to really up your efforts in this area. A more efficient business has the power to do so much more, make so much more and be so much more. Whether you need to update your systems, focus on your methods or talk more, by working on your efficiency as a business overall, you could achieve big and brilliant things in a much shorter space of time.


Your branding is important. Your brand says a lot about who you are, what you stand for and what you represent as a business. It can even control your reputation. So, in 2017, take control of your brand and guide it in the right direction. Think about the image you have and the image you want. Does it suit you? Do people know about your business? If not, make significant changes and fast. The longer you wait to do it, the longer you’ll have to wait for success.


How are you doing performance wise? Are you meeting the targets that you thought you would? And even if you are, could they be better? If your outputs aren’t where they thought they’d be, it might be time to look into performance management. Reflect on the things you can do to improve the business’s performance overall. Do you need to be more motivating or provide a better work environment? Drilling down on your efforts will help you to see where you need to improve.


While you’re thinking about the things you’re doing right and wrong from inside the business, you’re also going to want to look outside of the business for ways to improve. What do your customers actually want, do you know? And what are your competition doing? Perhaps there’s something that both you and your competitors aren’t currently doing, but that your customers would want? By gaining a better level of insight, you can improve on so many levels overall.

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