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5 popular ecommerce product ideas to sell this year


Are you thinking about selling your products and services online? That might be a good idea because e-commerce has evolved tremendously. People prefer to do varied transactions online, most especially shopping for items. Online shopping is convenient since anyone can do it from their mobile device – no matter the place and time.

If you want to be successful in e-commerce, you need to research potential products to sell. Marketing skills and a determined mindset are also essential so you can thrive in a competitive market.

This is the perfect year to start your venture in e-commerce. Go out there, pick a unique e-commerce idea, and share your products with your target market. To give you a good head start, check out the top 10 trending product ideas that will surely be a hit this year.

  1. Organic Food Products

Everyone wants to go organic. The term organic refers to the better agricultural process of growing and processing products. Organic products are healthier because of the absence of chemicals and these items have more nutrients. When we go organic, we preserve the ecosystem by reducing pollution in water, air, and soil.

Example of organic products includes Annie’s Homegrown brand of mac and cheese, Naked Juice brand of 100% organic juice, and Stonyfield Farm’s smooth and creamy yogurts.

  1. Organic Personal Care Products

This industry is seen to become a $2 billion category in 2018. Consumers have shifted to healthier alternatives when it comes to beauty and wellness. There is a great increase in the use of natural, organic and ethical concepts because of the overall impact these products bring to one’s health and the environment, as well. The key factors that affect this include lifestyle preferences, increasing awareness, and availability of more product substitutes.

  1. Travel Gears and Accessories

Traveling nowadays is easy thanks to the availability of low fares offered by various airlines across the globe. People are also going out more often to have more experience about other nation’s culture, traditions, tourists spots, food and among others. This translates to higher demand for travel gears and accessories.

It is also important to note that travelers seek convenience and comfort during their getaway. That is why techy travel stuff sells a lot such as portable Wifi, power banks, GoPro cameras, digital organizers and more. Do not limit yourself to what you can sell.

  1. Baby Needs

With more babies born every hour, the market for baby needs and wants is also growing. It is a booming industry with roughly 6,000 businesses selling in this niche. There is a great demand for baby cribs, baby bags, sterilizers, baby walkers and all the baby-related products you can think of. You can advertise and sell to parents and even other members of the family who have babies.

  1. Pet Needs and Supplies

There is a large market for pet needs and supplies in the United States alone. A study predicted the increase in sales in the pet industry to $96 billion in 2020. Pets have become a part of the household. You may have noticed how dear these dogs, cats and other pets are and the owners really take care of them like they are actual members of the family.

It is a wise move to start a business in the pet industry because of this remarkable trend. Pet needs and supplies support people’s enthusiasm for their furry friends.

Wrapping Up

If you are a startup entrepreneur and ready to hit the e-commerce business, now is the right time to do it. Think out of the box and see how you can fulfill the needs of the growing e-commerce market. You’ll never know, you can be the next big thing online in the next couple of years.

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