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Apprenticeships: 5 reasons an apprenticeship could be for you


If you are looking to develop your career prospects then an apprenticeships path could be for you. More and more women are choosing apprenticeships in recent times as opposed to going to university and this can bring a handful of advantages.

Benefits of apprenticeships

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider an apprenticeship this year.

1. Earn while you learn

One of the biggest advantages of apprenticeships is that you get the chance to earn while you learn. It can be very difficult to manage without any form of income but with an apprenticeship this is not an issue which means that you can study and not have to worry about your financial situation.

2. No tuition fees for apprenticeships

One of the main reasons that people are opting for apprenticeships over going to university is that there are no tuition fees to worry about. Tuition fees can leave people with a huge amount of debt that follows them around for a long time but there are no fees that you have to pay when you start an apprenticeship.

3. Professional qualifications

Completing an apprenticeship will provide you with a professional qualification that will help your CV to stand out from the crowd and could help you to secure work. Employers will always look at what qualifications an individual has and in certain industries this could prove to be vital for success.

4. Network early in your apprenticeships career path

In order to get ahead in most industries, you will need to develop a professional network which can help to open doors. This can often take many years to develop but when you start an apprenticeship it allows you to start building this network from a young age which is also the time in which it helps the most to know people in the industry.

5. Guidance & support

Starting a new job can be daunting and often you are thrown in the deep end from the start. With an apprenticeship, you still get to develop experience but you also get invaluable guidance and support throughout which is key for learning and developing confidence.

Opportunities for apprenticeships

There are many great opportunities for apprenticeships this year but one area certainly worth considering is Govia Thameslink Railway who have recently announced that they are doubling their apprenticeship opportunities in 2020 to 300, and offering chances to break into a male-dominated industry at management level. This includes roles throughout the business in an industry currently with a skills shortage. They have opportunities in places throughout the capital and it can be easy to reach by train, such as travelling from East Croydon to New Cross Gate.

An apprenticeship is a smart move for anyone looking to develop their career prospects this year and the above are just a few advantages.  These opportunities allow you to gain experience and develop skills while you learn and can put you on the path to a successful career.

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Samantha Halmshaw is a marketing and sales advisor who specialises in the digital industry. In her spare time she produces commercial art and graphic design.

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