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5 rules for building a strong brand


Branding is integral to a business, especially a start-up as you want to create brand awareness and attract your target audience. We spent months planning the branding and key messaging for ZADI Training, ensuring that the messages were consistent across all avenues of communication. ZADI is a female- only fitness franchise, but there are many fitness franchises in Australia so our branding and key messaging is key to helping us highlight our uniqueness and make our own mark in the crowded space.

Here are the key rules for building a strong brand: 


Make sure you have strong imagery that is unique to your brand and push it out across your channels including your website, social media, printed marketing material, social videos and media publications if you can. While most fitness studios would have people working out in activewear, to highlight that fact that the ZADI girl is often also into her career, fashion and going out, we incorporated these messages into our imagery.

Brand guidelines

Colours and the mood/ tone of your logo and fonts may seem like small things, but they are important as they help to get people notice you at a glance, especially if they are scrolling mindlessly on instagram.

For example, our colours are black and fluoro pink. We have this lighting in our studios to reflect this so all of our studio images have fluoro pink and black in them. It is also in all of our images and wording. For example, if we write copy on an instagram story, it is also going to be in our brand colours as it would make no sense to make it any other colour.

Key messaging

Utilising key messaging is a great way to develop a brands personality, just make sure you use this messaging and tone over and over again until people begin to recognize it.

For example, with ZADI we are targeting the millennial female audience primarily and we know that they are busy, they like social validation and they like experiences that they can share with their friends. That’s why a lot of our sayings have #’s in front of them, such as #GettingShitDone  #BadassBosses and #UnleashTheExtraordinary

Brand architecture

Having a mission for your brand is a great way to keep you on track in the building and development phases of your business, but try to make sure you stay true to them and deliver on what you promised so your clients can share the message based on their outstanding results too.

Our beliefs are integrated throughout everything we do- from the people we hire, the programs and the culture. While these beliefs are timeless, we are engraining them in our strong and cheeky athletic footprint to create a point of difference.

While hiring may not seem like branding, when you have a physical location for your business you need people who believe in it to, who will deliver excellent customer service, behave in a way that reflects your brand and present themselves accordingly to.

Additionally, the music we play, the atmosphere we provide and the results our clients achieve are all a part of our brand. We want them to be raving about what we have to offer because they have experienced it themselves and that is what all businesses should aim to do.

Branding is important always, but once you are established enough you want to reach out beyond that to testimonials and having happy customers sharing your message.

About Adala Bolto

Adala Bolto, has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years, and has just launched a new fitness movement for women that’s set to be a game changer and also the first of its kind. Adala co-founded ZADI Training with Diana Williams the CEO of Australia’s No 1 health and fitness club, Fernwood. | LinkedIN

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