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5 Strategies for creating content that’s insanely sharable


Do you ever wonder why some content gets tons of love and shares while others just fall flat? The goal of any content creation strategy is to make it irresistibly shareable so that it generates massive traffic back to your site but finding the right mix of shareable components is a challenge many small businesses struggle with.

After all, we’ve all looked at a piece of viral content and asked ourselves what gives. On the surface it doesn’t look all that different from your own content, but something about it triggered a reaction and now you want in on the secret.

Considering that content marketing can generate conversion rates that are 6X higher than other methods, you really can’t afford to waste time trying to figure out the formula on your own. Here’s a little secret – every piece of insanely sharable content contains key identifiable features.

Here are 5 secrets to creating content that your audience will love to share.

Go long

There’s an idea floating around out there that shorter content fuels shares, but what we’ve discovered is the exact opposite is true.

When we look at average shares based on content length, pieces that are 2,000 words and above generate more shares. In fact, the longer the piece the more likely it is to be shared on any social platform.

But make it easily digestible

Even though audiences love long content, it’s important to consider how to make it more readable. The key to creating super sharable longer content is to break it up into small, digestible pieces.

Not only are you appealing to short attention spans, but many of the people reading your content will be doing so from a mobile device. Huge blocks of texts just aren’t going to work.

Keep paragraphs short and sweet by limiting them to no more than 2 or 3 sentences.

Appeal to the “Why” of sharing

People don’t just share content randomly. Something about it tells them that others will be just as interested in it as they were. Content with the potential to go viral focuses on the reasons why we share.

Audiences share content because they think it will be entertaining or valuable to others, or they want to give their own audiences a better sense of who they are. We also share content to build and maintain relationships, share what matters to us and feel more connected with the world around us.

Before you publish your content, ask yourself why someone would want to share it.

Visuals increase shares

Have a great piece of content and you just don’t understand why it’s not generating shares? Try adding a visual element to push engagement.

There are some serious statistics that back up the power of visual content. For example, you’re going to get 150% more retweets on Twitter when you include an image and over 2X more engagement on Facebook.

Consider visual elements that add value to the content you’ve created. For example, if you’re sharing content that relays a ton of facts and numbers, adding an infographic makes your content more digestible, and thus more shareable.

Include credibility features

Finally, in a world where the term “fake news” is falling from everyone’s lips, nobody wants to look like a fool. Anything that you can do to add credibility to your content is going to make it more shareable.

This means making it easy to see who created the content and including a short biography, or at least a link to one. This isn’t such a big deal for mindless, funny content. But, for your brand’s content, reputation matters. Keep credibility in mind always.

Quality, sharable content is key for successfully marketing your small business. The right content is going to skyrocket your engagement and traffic, leading you down the road to success. Now that you have the secrets to creating insanely shareable content, go out there and let’s see what you can do.

About Tabitha Jean Naylor

Tabitha Jean Naylor is the owner of TabithaNaylor.com and a certified Inbound Marketing Consultant with close to a decade of experience in both B2B and B2C markets. A self-described digital marketing machine, she prides herself in her ability to craft text that generates action. Her intimate knowledge of how sales and marketing go hand-in-hand has resulted in a variety of successful campaigns for start-ups through NASDAQ traded companies.  Connect with her on Twitter @TabithaNaylor or visit TabithaNaylor.com.

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