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5 things to NEVER do on social media


It astounds me still what people will post on social media, particularly Facebook.   If you use Facebook only privately, you still need to be aware that employers now check out prospective employees on social media and Google them.   Anything you post, or uncompromising pictures can stay up indefinitely.

If you are using Facebook for business here are the top 5 things to NOT do:

1. Don’t tip off

Don’t ditch a commitment and then be seen partying on Facebook. Business owners (and employers too) get rather cranky when someone cancels out on them, pleading sick, only to be on social media a few hours later, champagne class in hand, having a great time in party mode.

2. Don’t whinge

Seriously if you are portraying a business image, then keep it positive.    Who wants to do business with someone who is constantly complaining, or constantly whinging or seriously rubbishing other people and spreading gossip?   Not many, I can tell you.   Keep it positive, or keep it private.   When you post on social media you are pretty much taking out a front page advert in the local paper – what you post IS public.

3. Don’t complain

I know one business owner who was on Facebook complaining about his clients, and how annoying they were and how much they wasted his time.   Many of his clients were “friends” on Facebook and one came back to respond “well, if I’m such a nuisance, would you like me to take my business elsewhere?”

Think first BEFORE you post.

4. Don’t drink and drive!

By driving I’m talking about posting … it’s foolish and once you post, you can edit or delete the post, unless it’s been re-posted, shared or a screen print taken.   It’s just better that once you have a few drinks, put the device down and leave social media alone.

5. Don’t blatantly sell, sell, sell…

It’s social media, and whilst people are interested to know what you’re doing, they don’t want the hard sell at every turn.  Pretty soon they will unfriend you or write you a sharp message back.

All in all, think before you post, consider others, be respectful and positive, and you (and your friends) will have a great social media experience.   Happy posting!

About Donna Stone

Donna Stone is a business coach with three decades of experience. She grew her own business from a garage to be a multi-award winning operation that spanned five locations nationally. Donna works with business owners and other business coaches, consultants and trainers to help them build their own success. Her Coach the Coach ™ program has proved exceedingly popular. Donna is a prolific writer with hundreds of articles written and six books published. Visit

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