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Facebook marketing: 6 powerful Facebook hacks anyone can use


We all know and love Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform.  Or perhaps that’s “know and love-hate”. Either way, Facebook dominates the social media landscape. As a budding influencer, entrepreneur, or upwardly mobile professional, you can’t afford not to leverage Facebook marketing and brand-building power with these powerful Facebook marketing hacks.

Just be sure to leverage that power correctly. From your eccentric uncle’s conspiratorial rabbit holes to unproductive arguments with long-forgotten high school classmates, things can go sideways pretty quickly on Facebook.

Facebook marketing hacks to boost your business

These Facebook marketing hacks should set you straight. All six are readily leverageable by just about anyone with a personal Facebook page and Facebook company page (which is super easy to set up). Here’s what you should know about each.

  1. “Like” Other Brands’ Pages From Your Company Page

Want to give your customers a better idea of your brand’s identity and priorities? One of the simplest ways to do this takes less than a minute: “liking” other brands’ Facebook pages from your company page. Doing this as an organization, rather than an individual, conveys key information about your company and ensures that the company remains front and center rather than its leaders.

  1. Add Warm Visuals to Your Text-Based Content

Your Facebook marketing profile could use some color. Most if not all text-based updates should also have graphics, whether photos or illustrations. This spiritual leader’s Facebook profile is a great example of this, with inspiring, visually rich memes complementing the text.

  1. Cultivate Relationships With Small-Time Influencers

Some call them “micro-influencers,” but that sells short their, ah, influence. Your Facebook network should be positively brimming with people who’ve carved out niches but haven’t yet attained household-name status (or even gotten close). Still, they can unlock the door to small but potentially loyal groups of new followers whose attention you’ll need to raise your profile.

  1. Spend a Month Posting at All Different Times of Day and Days of the Week — Then Go With What Works Best

Test, test, test. That’s every experienced Facebook marketing expert’s mantra. Even if you’re not really a Facebook marketing expert and don’t care to learn, you can leverage Facebook’s beginner-friendly analytics tools to gauge the relative performance of posts made at different times of day and days of the week. Spend a month or so gathering information, then go with the timing that works best for your purposes.

  1. Suggest Your Page to Followers

It never hurts to self-promote, right? Especially not when said self-promotion involves a mere suggestion. But don’t forget to take this step; you’ll gin up lots of new followers with it.

  1. Pin Top-Performing Posts for a Few Days at a Time

Get friendly with Facebook’s post-pinning feature and use it to showcase high-performing content that you really want your entire audience to see. Don’t let it linger past its expiration date, so to speak; set a rough goal to swap out pinned content no less than once per week.

What’s Marketing Hack?

Now that you’ve had a chance to read about six of the most productive Facebook marketing hacks on the planet, do you have a favorite? Or would you prefer to defer comment until you’ve had a chance to try them all out? Either way, you know what you have to do. Here’s to a more confident, commanding Facebook presence that works to build your personal and professional brand.

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