5 ways to show you are professional


There are many definitions of ‘professional’ … As seasoned individuals in the workplace, it is often assumed that you are a ‘professional’ because you have accumulated years of experience conducting a specific skill and/or task. For some, you are considered a ‘professional’ because you have acquired a specific license or degree to certify your competence in a subject matter. Many people are labeled ‘professional’ because of his or her demeanor while providing a service. While many struggle to define professionalism, most can identify unprofessionalism with very little effort.

Although many companies encourage professional development, there are some trainings that cannot be taught in a classroom environment, such as professionalism. Where there are thousands of people with the same skills, gifts and talents that you offer, chances are the employer wanted you. That’s why they have hired you! They want your specific expertise, skillset and capability to bring the expected deliverables without a glitch. However, they do not have to keep you apart of their team, either. Often, one’s ability to exude professionalism is the difference between being rewarded with a promotion or a lay-off.

Below are five ways that one can improve his or her professionalism.

1. Promptness

Promptness displays that you are eager and ready to work. Being late suggest to an employer that you do not care about the quality of work you offer. Being consistently tardy for appointments and scheduled events is a very selfish act and disrespectful for the person waiting to meet you. One immediate signs of competency are being where you’re supposed to be, and on time. It also illustrates honesty and integrity.

2. Attitude

Being unapproachable, unable to take direction and being difficult to work with is a certain sign that you don’t respect the relationship you have with the employer. It also suggests that you don’t want them to call you again when they have another opportunity to arise. Always maintain a pleasant, friendly attitude with those who have hired you. If a mistake has been made, accept accountability for the mistake. Use it as a learning opportunity and grow from it.

3. Entitlement

Regardless as to how gifted and talented one is, no one is entitled to receiving anything; not even an opportunity. Always remain humble as if this is your only opportunity. Egos are an immediate turn off and no one wants to work with an arrogant or difficult person.

4. Competence

Always stay abreast of current trends within your professional and seek to undergo professional development. The world is developing at a rapid pace and techniques are being enhanced at a rapid pace. Be open to learning a shorter, faster and more proficient way of completing a task.

5. Image

[tweet_quote hashtags=”#professionalism” ]60% of communication is non-verbal[/tweet_quote]. Always maintain a positive professional image by allowing your body language to illustrate that you want the opportunity. Slouching, sighing, rolling the eyes and other poor body language demonstrate you are not connected to your job and also success disinterest. Allow your clothes to be appropriate for the task at hand, and don’t overindulge with too many trends. What may be appropriate for the streets may not be well received in the corporate workplace.

About Alexis Nicole White

Alexis Nicole White is a Managing Director of An Executive Solution Concierge, in Atlanta, GA. She's 31 years old and a mother of a 10 month old son.

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