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6 business-focused shows for entrepreneurs to enjoy


Due to the Covid-19 crisis, businesses are facing major impacts no matter how well established they are. It has become very much challenging for businesses to survive with their existing strategies and policies. Most business houses are looking for new ideas and strategic changes in their operations to accelerate their growth in the post-crisis phase.

Movies and series are a great source of entertainment and learning. Keeping this in mind, Amazon Prime and cable channels offer a great variety of entertaining shows for entrepreneurs to enjoy and create a different business outlook. Many great US shows are available that are based on unique skill sets and a business mind.

Before we move on to listing these six fast business-focused shows for entrepreneurs to enjoy, it must be noted that many US shows have limited geographical location access and cannot be watched from everywhere. The use of a USA VPN can resolve this problem. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you unblock shows and restricted videos from all around the world. It can also hide the user’s IP address and can change it to another location. So, without any worry, get ready to watch these best entrepreneurial shows.

6 business-focused shows for entrepreneurs

  1. The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short is based on the machinations leading up to the sub-prime mortgage problems that partly caused the Global Financial Crisis. The star cast as finance experts includes stars like Christiane Bale, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and other phenomenal actors. Through their experience and research, they discovered corruption and loopholes in the system. Finance lovers who want to understand a finance mastermind and the US banking system must not miss the show. Binge Watchers who enjoy documentaries and big scam shows will definitely enjoy watching this movie.

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who starts his career at a Wall Street brokerage firm. In his early 20s, he made huge money out of his own well-established business firm and defrauded many wealthy investors. The movie has powerful scenes depicting the struggle, determination, and willpower required for a business mind. It is directed by one of the greatest directors of the time, Martin Scorsese. People who love comedy, drama, and biopics must watch out for this incredible piece. The life of Jordan Belfort is shocking and full of surprises. It is a must-watch for people exploring a business life.

  1. Capital C (2014)

Capital C is a story of fundraisers who thought and adopted measures that were out of the box. They raised huge funds and made their dreams come true. It is a documentary about crowdfunding starring Brian Fargo, Zach Crain, and many other megastars. The storyline revolves around the three protagonists who raise capital through different interesting measures. It is a must-watch show from the Amazon Prime collection for finance professionals. People dealing with fundraising, capital funding, and the entrepreneurial journey will love this crowd revolution.

  1. Something Ventured (2011)

As the name suggests, the show is based on the importance of venture capitalists. Directed by Dan Geller and Syna Goldfine, this movie shows the crucial role of venture capitalists in the growth of some of the world’s top companies. Arthur Rock and Dick Kramlich in lead roles steal the show. People who want to learn about subtle pitfalls that act as a hurdle in business growth must watch out for this show. This insightful documentary is for all those who might seek the road of venture capital someday.

  1. Walt before Mickey (2015)

The film highlights the early life of Walt Disney. It includes his business journey, career growth, and the challenges he faces in the journey to becoming a businessman. The film cast Thomas Ian Nicholas in the lead role. The film narrates how Walt developed an interest in its field and finally became a successful businessman. The fans of Walt Disney cannot afford to miss out on this epic film. It is a must-watch for Disney fans. If you love documentaries and are looking for an entertaining yet inspiring film, watch it this weekend.

  1. Industry (2020)

Moving away from Amazon Prime, this one (pictured) was screened on British TV and then took the rest of the world by storm. It follows the fast-paced mishaps of a group of young interns trying to secure positions at a major London stockbroking firm. A great insight at what can happen behind the scenes — and how fast it can happen — and the pressures of that kind of workplace, where the rewards are huge and the failures even bigger.


There are plenty of movies and shows for business-oriented minds. The collection of shows at Amazon prime is exclusive and aspiring, but there are plenty of others around as well. Binge-watch these six business-focused shows for entrepreneurs with business and corporate fans. This list of shows will make your viewing time among the most memorable. Get the best entrepreneurial ideas and inspiration from these shows and boost your productivity to the next level. So, soon make a plan of an entrepreneurial movie night and enjoy it to the fullest.

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