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6 innovative ideas to bring more fresh leads for your business


Marketing techniques have seen a major revolution since the advent of social media marketing. Old school marketing strategies have flown out the window and businesses are churning out innovative ideas to stay at the top of the marketing game.

One of the most critical elements of a successful marketing campaign is to attract more leads that will eventually bring in more revenues and, thus, more profit for the organization.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation refers to all the marketing techniques undertaken to generate awareness and capture the interest of a prospect in a product or service. This strategy converts individuals, who exhibited an organic interest in your business, into potential leads who are expected to eventually buy your product or service.

In recent times, majority of lead generation processes are being performed on the digital platform due to the significant rise in social media channels and online services. This technological evolution has made it even more important for marketers to secure fresh leads through inventive yet original ideas and manage the acquired leads effectively to translate them into revenues through sales.

Importance of lead generation

The future and prosperity of your business relies heavily on the number of fresh leads you can generate consistently. Lead generation done right ensures you immediate and substantial ROI. For this very reason, 66% of organizational goals focus on lead generation.

Moreover, by showing an organic interest in your business, the potential customers are initiating contact with you as opposed to you reaching out to them, through conventional means such as cold calling strategies with your services. This means that the potential consumers view you as a promising entrepreneur, hence, the conversion from leads to customers will be more natural and almost effortless.

How to secure fresh leads?

In the ever-evolving marketing world, brands need to employ smart attention-grabbing tactics which stand out amongst the marketing humdrum and compel the audience to register an interest in their products or services.

According to statistics posted on HubSpot, inbound strategies produce 54% more leads in comparison to traditional paid marketing. Here is what all you can do to secure fresh leads:

1. Host webinars

Webinar is a brilliant and inexpensive way to attract more people as it effectively conveys your message to a large target audience. Hosting a webinar takes the art of lead generation to a whole new dimension as you can engage with numerous people through a single platform but the interaction can appear to be more interpersonal.

A recent survey done by ReadyTalk concluded that up to 40% of webinar viewers are converted into leads. A successful tactic to drive people to access your webinar is to place an intelligent link directly into your content. The written content can serve as a “warm up” that positively influences your prospective leads to click through. Moreover, a proficient blog post reaffirms the audience of your expertise and prowess in your field hence they would be more willing to connect with you through a webinar.

Once the users have access to your webinar, you next challenge is to keep them appropriately engaged. Therefore, choose an intelligent and interesting topic, keep the tone conversational, conduct a question answer session and include the link at the conclusion which invites the audience to leave their contact information.

2. Use twitter

Twitter provides the marketers with a perfect digital space to scout for leads and prospects. It also provides ample opportunities to implement varied lead generation techniques all on a single social media channel.

  1. The influencers of a particular field have an army of avid online fans who follow them diligently. You can benefit from this by reaching out to the influencers of your field and engaging them in an intelligent conversation. This puts you in an ideal position to be noticed by their followers, some of whom can probably become useful leads.
  2. Use twitter cards to convey your message and make your tweet shine in a beguiling way compelling the viewers to visit your website. Smart use of twitter cards can turn them into a valuable lead generation tool.
  3. Use trending hashtags pertinent to your product or service in your tweets to interject your point of view on the subject which can eventually gain you more followers and leads.

3. Serve as a guest blogger

If you have a penchant for creating amazing content and have been doing so for your current business, then try posting exclusive, perceptive blogs on other popular websites relevant to your product or service to reach out to a wider audience.

How is this going to help you secure more leads, you wonder?

As mentioned earlier, quality content can “warm up” the readers and make them suitably acquainted with your offerings; therefore, when you integrate a link in the write-up directing to your landing page. it has more chances of being clicked. Furthermore, being a guest blogger gives a broader access to various websites and, in combination, to more potential leads.

4. Offer free incentives

If you want the users to leave behind their contact information, they need to be enticed with a free giveaway that they can’t decline or ignore.

The incentive can be your recent eBook, a discount on your products, a free trial period of your service or a free software tool.

5. Make a video

Visual representation of your business’s vision is a great way to capture instant attention. But avoid making tacky commercials showcasing your products or services; such advertisements are often overlooked as they routinely overcrowd a social media’s newsfeed.

Instead, produce entertaining videos which can highlight your company’s origin, its evolutionary process or other relevant material that engages the viewers. You can even place these videos on the homepage of your website for instantaneous engagements and lead generation.

A great example of such a video, which keeps its viewers engrossed from the get go, is the introductory video on Neil Patel’s website on digital marketing.

Video hosting sites, like YouTube, provides you with the opportunity to place a link directly into the video. This link can guide the audience to a specific landing page connected to your website. You just have to make sure that your video is convincing enough to encourage people to click through.

Inspirational or story-telling videos often enjoy greater views and are routinely shared. This ensures that you produce constant fresh leads. Moreover, you should also post these videos on your social media platforms to tap into different pools of social media users.

6. Automate your marketing

Sometimes, it helps to invest intelligently in lead generation tools as you can receive tenfold return to your investments in a short span of time. Such tools effectively monetize the traffic on your website by converting them into leads and thus possible customers.

Moreover, 49% of companies have included marketing automation in their marketing strategies to gain more revenues.

Successful lead generation funnel entails smart execution marketing strategies that create sufficient awareness about your business and emergence of customers through the end of the funnel. The key is to optimize your campaigns at each level of the funnel for maximum result and impact.

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