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7 Incredible facts about women owned businesses: infographic


It has been theorized that one of these days, a woman will swim faster than any man has done before. The theory is sound and based on biology. The idea is that women are better equipped at swimming, or at least at floating. There are a lot of other physical things that a woman can do better, if given the time to do it. There are also other activities where there should be no difference between the performance of a man and a woman. Business and running a company is another one.

One case in point is that of writing. There should be as many women writers as there are men, because the activity does not depend on any biological advantage. In the same manner, programming also does not hold any gender advantage for men. It just so happens that there are more male programmers than women, because of gender bias during the formative years.

Up to early grade school, female students are equal in numbers to male students, when it is part of the curriculum.

The moment young children are given a choice whether to program or not, or a choice to study math or not, more females opt not to go through it. The reason?

It is seen as a ‘male activity’.

When you take the gender bias aside and just deal with men and women as equals you would find that women can do the same things as men. There are lot more activities, including starting and running a business, where men and women can excel together. There are women owned businesses now which are thriving and exceeding the achievements and milestones of male-dominated ones.

There are differences though between businesses which are run by men and women. For one, the macho company is more focused on sales and production while egos run high. A female-run one, on the other hand, is also bent on meeting sales targets and goals while keeping the employees home at decent hours and making sure they spend time with their families.

We have gathered incredible facts about women owned business and put them together in an infographic. It was created with the intention of inspiring and motivating more women to become leaders and captains of industry.

Cheers to all lady bosses!

7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses: infographic

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