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Helping hand: Why an intern can help you while you help them


It’s safe to say running a business isn’t easy, especially in the beginning. There are budgets to consider, family to look after, ideas and directions and obstacles and a million other things that seem to take up your time without even realising it. And from an intern’s point of view, we get to see both sides of how that can affect business.

Even now as I sit here writing this article, my eyes are flashing to the clock to ensure I have enough time to get ready for my second job.

My mind is on what I’ll be cooking for dinner; whether I should hold off this article for later tonight; what time my relatives will be returning from work; what my next blog post will feature, and whether or not I remembered to feed the dog this morning.

And I’m only at the tender age of 21 years. I’m still the green banana in the bunch, waiting for my peel to ripen. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress full-fledged women, with kids and house cleaning and bills to pay, are undergoing as they’re struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

Right now, I’m interning for a branding company called The Visionary Suite—I’m a PR student, you see, and they cover all the aspects I could ever want or need in a career: the deal in branding, design, style guides, website design, styling, and best of all, social media.

I’m not ashamed of admitting my phone is permanently glued to my hand, my mind constantly wondering whether I should have uploaded my selfie last night or today. Of whether I used the correct spelling in my caption, or I tagged Kylie Jenner enough in that last post to get her attention.

I haven’t launched my own business yet—not enough money or experience—but I have seen that these two women, who launched their own company and are doing very well for themselves, still needed the help from a lowly intern like me. I’m by no means running the business and dealing with clients—I write four blog posts a week, and undertake a few tasks.

It’s not much, but it is the extra help they need to ensure they can run everything smoothly and don’t have to worry as much about the smaller issues.

On top of that, they’re doing me a favour: I’m getting hands on experience working in a field I am genuinely intrigued by, my writing is professionally published for all the world to see if they so desire, and I’m getting the credits needed to successfully graduate from university this year.

I guess the point of this article is to say that for all you wonderful women working hard, not only on a professional level but on a personal level, it’s okay to get help.

It’s okay to say that you are not.

Being successful doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself—at the end of the day, this was your venture, your vision that you are seeing out, that you are making happen.

You still hold the reins and ultimate copyright in anything you’ve done…but that doesn’t mean all the stress is on you.

Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to crunch the numbers, or someone to look after the kids, or even someone to put sugar in your coffee—just remember that there are people who will help you reach your goals, and you are not alone.

About Natasha Sidiropoulos

Natasha Sidiropoulos is an intern for The Visionary Suite and a Public Relations student studying at La Trobe University.The Visionary Suite seeks to help others find their own unique brand and presence.We can be contacted for work covering branding, design, style guides, website design, social media and styling at [email protected] Blog: Instagram: @thevisionarysuite Email: [email protected]

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