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Equipped to handle any job: 8 Types of office supplies you need


The initial setup of an office space can be stressful. There’s a lot to purchase right from the beginning, and it’s crucial to keep costs down while not forgetting anything that might be needed. If you’re setting up an office and need to get the basic supplies to ensure it is well stocked, think about purchasing the items listed here.

Pens, pencils, and paper

Pens, paper, notebooks, and other paper supplies should be purchased immediately and kept in stock at all times. It may be beneficial to purchase a few types of paper as well as different pens and pencils so everyone in the office can use what they prefer.

Laminating machine

A lamination machine is an asset for any office. Laminated papers are going to last longer without the chance of damage and can easily be wiped off if something is spilled on them. Dry erasers can write on the laminated paper and be easily erased if necessary. To purchase a laminator, go to and check out the available options now.

Organization supplies

The organization is crucial in an office. Purchase small shelves that can hold file folders on the desk as well as larger furniture that can be used to organize the office, such as filing cabinets. Start off with an organized office in the beginning and it’s more likely to stay organized so everyone can find what they need easily.

Basic desk supplies

Other basic desk supplies will be necessary. Some of the most basic desk supplies every office needs will include highlighters, staplers, staple removers, small notepads, and white-out. Also consider paper clips, erasers, markers, tape, and other small office supplies that are always in demand.

Notebooks and binders

Keep plain notebooks as well as a variety of binders on hand in the office. Notebooks are great for jotting down notes while binders make it easy to organized files together and ensure nothing is lost. Binders come in a variety of sizes, so have a few of each size on hand so the right one is always available.

Hole punch

Have a 3-hole punch on hand for being able to easily add any printed documents to a binder. It’s a good idea to invest in a heavy-duty version for the office, as a quality product can punch holes in the papers faster and is going to last much longer even when it’s used frequently.

Envelopes and stamps

It’s always a good idea to have envelopes and stamps on hand just in case something needs to be mailed. Purchase standard envelopes as well as padded envelopes to ensure the right one is available no matter what needs to be sent in the mail.

Dry-erase board and markers

Need to jot down a note but don’t want to waste paper? Use a dry-erase board. Smaller dry-erase boards are perfect for individuals to use while larger ones can be used by the whole office. Check out the different options available to determine the right sizes to purchase and get plenty of markers to start with.

There’s a lot that’s needed to set up a new office space, but there are some basics that every office needs. If you’re creating a new office space, make sure you have each of these items on hand. This will get you started, and you can always add more supplies later as you determine exactly what you need.

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