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Why you should always buy high-quality equipment


It’s tempting to cut costs when buying equipment, especially if you have a workshop business for which the fit-out components can be prohibitively expensive. But this is a false economy. Buying cheap equipment usually means it is poor quality equipment and it will inevitably fail — often when you need it most to complete an order.

You should particularly not cut corners or costs when it comes to lifting or loading equipment. Don’t mistakenly think you can successfully use your workshop business employees to load or lift heavy items by hand. That will only result in products or materials being dropped and damaged, or — worse still — your staff being injured.

During the manufacturing process of a certain product or unit, loading and unloading factors often become a big problem for the production manager. Let’s say, you work for industry who makes industrial standard glass doors. During the operation process, the workers have to load and unload the big and heavy glass pieces to different sections.

During such a transition period, the chances of breaking the glass due to human error are very high. As a production manager, you will be at a loss, when such things occur on a regular basis. This is just an example, how things become complicated when you start to deal with heavy and delicate objects. But this problem can be solved via lift tables. In fact, the much-reputed industry is using this technology to improve their production capacity with minimum causalities.

Safe transfer of the product

Let’s get back to the glass door example. Imagine the workers are trying to load the glass door on the cutting desk which is placed 2 meters above the ground. Due to the fragile nature and heavyweight of the glass, it will take at least six workers to place the glass door on the cutting desk.

And a slight mistake or human error can shatter the expensive glass door. Some companies often use the low-end mechanical lifting tables but soon the table fails to operate smoothly. So, if you use high quality lift tables, you won’t have to face such issues. All the heavy lifting will be done in an even way and most importantly, with minimum maintenance, you can expect to get a decent life span from these high end lifting tables.

Consider it as a long term investment

The lifting tables are used to increase the productivity of your industry. So, if you rely on the low end lifting tables, you are soon going to get frustrated with the mechanical problems of those tables. In fact, the user’s interface and programming of the cheap lifting tables are not up to the industrial standard. So, your workers are not going to get a great benefit from this unit.

In case of a mechanical fault, you will have a tough time to get the best solution from the lift vendor. However, if you seek help from reputed companies like SaxLift, you can expect to get the best product. And when it comes to service, they are one of the best in the market. And if you compare the price point of the products with the top and cheap companies, you will not get any major difference.

Support from the presales department

Before you buy the lifting tables, you can contact the presales department. If you are not sure which lifting tables will work best for your industry, let them know your requirements and they will give the configuration of the high quality lift tables. And this kind of support is not available from the vendors who are offering low end lifting tables.

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