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Business decorum: 4 ways to stay classy online


Numerous businesses end up damaging their reputation because employees, business partners or even business owners have sunk into the swamp to deal with an issue. You don’t want this to happen to your company because the mud you find there will stick. People remember when a business isn’t handled with decorum and it’s easy for things to get quickly out of hand. Here an example that was in the media recently.

Katie Rich was indefinitely suspended from SNL because she tweeted something online that was considered by many to be offensive. While the tweet may have been written with tongue firmly in cheek, it doesn’t change the final result. SNL was embarrassed, the network it aired on was embarrassed, and the reputation was damaged. The employee may never work again, and if you think a similar issue can’t happen in your business, you’d be wrong. So, how can you make sure your business keeps good decorum online?

1. Keep an eye on employees

You need to make sure that you are keeping an eye on what employees are doing online. It’s crucial that even their personal matters do not reflect poorly on your business. You might think that what employees do in their spare time is their concern. But it could be yours if their accounts aren’t private. Perhaps you have an employee handling a contract for an important client. A quick Google search by said client reveals your employee has participated in some very controversial behavior online. You’d be crazy not to think that wouldn’t affect the future of the deal. Employees must be made aware that anything that could damage the reputation of your business will not be accepted.

2. Don’t argue

There is only one possible way to handle bad customer reviews online. If you want to know how to respond to reviews it just a matter of an apology. Even if your business wasn’t in the wrong, you should apologize. Otherwise, it’s best to ignore the complaint altogether. The last thing you want is a record of what could be considered an attack on the opinion of a customer by one of your service operators. An issue like this will show that a) you don’t respect customer opinion and b) you aren’t willing to resolve issues. Both will affect how many consumers you can convert in the future.

3. Business is business

You will have plenty of business profiles and different social networks up and running as part of your overall business model. You need to make sure that these are used purely for business. They shouldn’t contain any content that could marginalize some of your target audience. For instance, supporting certain political views by a business is always a dangerous game. Is it really worth showing support for a cause if ultimately it’s going to lose you, certain customers?

4. Stay honest

Finally, you must make sure that your business is a trusted resource. Don’t even think about spreading rumours or lies and always think twice about directly or indirectly targeting competitors. It can make your company look petty and may just give more support for a competing company that would have failed regardless.

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