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Business ideas for women starting out on their first venture


Life is always so rewarding for an ambitious woman and if you are one then you may be wanting to start looking at business ideas for women, either as a side venture or something that can grow into your main income.

There are many good business ideas for women. But what if you require help figuring out where to start? Where do I even begin?

Top business ideas for women

It can be overwhelming at first, but here are some suggestions for business ideas for women.

Home Based Business

Home-based business ideas for women are often a way to earn extra money more conveniently —  You can do it from home more easily. It is important to remember that no doctorate degree is important to start your business from home. For inspiration you can look at women owned business in Maine and get going.

Also, you can run two businesses at the same time. For example, if you are running a small beauty salon and want to start an online store for skin care products, it would be good for you because you can run both of them simultaneously.

  • You can work from home.
  • You can work flexible hours.
  • You can work in your pajamas.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a term that refers to someone who provides support and assistance for others. Virtual assistants perform research, data entry, writing, technical support, and other administrative tasks. You can find multiple opportunities if you want to be a virtual assistant as one of the top business ideas for women. Being a VA also can maximize your efficiency.

Benefits of being a virtual assistant

  • Flexibility – you can work from home or out of the office. You can balance your busy schedule with the amount of work required by clients.
  • Freedom – You don’t need special skills or training; be willing to learn new things daily! This means no more feeling like there’s something wrong with your career because it doesn’t fit into one fixed category (like “specialist”).

For virtual assistant opportunities you can always research on LinkedIn or Indeed.


Blogging is a great way to express creativity and one of the great business ideas for women because you can write about anything. You can write about your favorite book or movie, share recipes with family and friends. Or even create an advice column for other women who might be going through the same.

You don’t need any technical skills or special equipment to start blogging. All it takes is an internet connection and some time. If you’re interested in making some cash from your blog (which we are sure many of us would love), there are many ways that people make money online. You could sell advertising space on your website; host sponsored posts on other blogs; accept donations; sell merchandise such as t-shirts or prints of your artworks. The list goes on!

Online Coaching

As a coach, you can help people to solve any problem. You can teach them how to write better email subject lines or create more effective business pitches. You could even help them with their personal lives, whether getting out of a bad relationship or finding motivation in the face of adversity.

One thing that makes this type of business ideas for women unique is how flexible it is: no matter what kind of coaching you offer, someone will always be willing to pay for your services. You could charge per session ($20-$30), per month ($60-$100), or both (depending on how long your sessions last). The choice is yours!

Event Planning

Event planning is one of the great business ideas for women. It requires a lot of organization, planning, and communication skills, as well as networking and relationship-building skills. It also requires creativity, innovation, and excellent time management skills.

You can do event planning from anywhere, but it’s important to have access to high-quality venues or events where you can host your clients’ events. If you’re in the industry already, then this will be something that comes naturally to you!


Women are more likely to initiate a business than men. Women make up the majority of small businesses, but there are still many reasons this trend could change.

Women are more likely than males to work full-time and have children at home. They often have less money than their male counterparts (especially for minority groups), and they may also not be as interested in entrepreneurship.

As their male counterparts, because it can be seen as risky or risky-sounding options like being an entrepreneur may seem less attractive when compared with other career paths.

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