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Career women and menopause: what you will need to know


Yes, it’s not something we welcome. But menopause comes to us all, and it can have some unconsidered impacts on your career and business. Your client is angry because perhaps you missed something in their order. Or your boss reprimands you for a mistake made on your part at work due to absence of mind or sheer forgetfulness. And you tend to take it to heart.

Random mood fluctuations, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness and hot flushes are some of the common symptoms of menopause – and it comes to us all, but how you manage and control them in your professional life is what matters.

A high level of emotional intelligence is required in these circumstances to steer through the tumultuous times and not be overwhelmed with work pressure having the reassurance that it will all work out in your favor with the right mindset.

The struggle of career-oriented women during menopause

As you hit your 40’s you can feel the internal bodily changes within you as your hormones start to wreak havoc inside you, pushing you into embarrassing situations and sudden outburst of emotions. If you have a demanding job as a part of your life the stress level can go sky-high and present you with the challenge of your life that is how to manage your professional and personal life. Your hormones are not under your control and they can involuntarily make you feel pathetic and just the opposite of what you should be feeling at work. You seem to be energy-deprived and may also face self-confidence issues.

A 2011 study has shown that almost 50% of all women at work who are going through the menopausal stage have serious issues with regards to work but two-thirds out of them feel reluctant to confess that. This is because this is taken as a ‘silent issue’ by most management and the career aspirations and corporate life and experience of women is not comprehensively understood by the upper level management.

Key areas of concern

What concerns older women is their health and wealth-being that need to be taken care of at all cost so that they do not result in a burnout due to undue pressure. All women do not undergo the same changes and experience different signs when undergoing the menopausal stage. The real trick lies behind your perception, beliefs and reaction towards menopause at work. Certain organizational factors also aggravate what the women feel at the workplace regarding menopause. Furthermore, certain work-related factors that are used as parameters to judge the productivity and output of an individual include employee engagement at work, level of job-satisfaction, commitments towards the organization and employee turnover rate. Based upon these markers of judgment the actual and desired level of outcome is compared to get a clear view of the influence of menopause on work performance.

What the woman undergoes

Loss of focus and concentration, memory loss and other menopausal signs when aggravated can often be confused with symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s and may put the aged women to further distress.

Low cortisol levels and micronutrient deficiencies lead to fatigue. Adrenal fatigue follows and you become a patient of anxiety accompanied by a foggy mind and loss of memory. Your sex drive seems to be completely lost at times and despite consistent efforts to control your calorie intake your hormones interfere unnecessarily and prevent you from losing weight.

You may of course consider hormone replacement therapy (HRT) if you feel that your memory issues are worsening with time and you need to pay serious attention now. But the key thing is to be aware of the hurdles and to start preparing to deal with them so they won’t have an impact on your career or business.

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