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Choosing advice for trading: Motley Fool review


When you decide to start trading stocks, you’ll have a few critical choices to make. Not only do you need to figure out which areas you’re going to start investing your money into, but you also need to choose who you’re going to work with when it comes to growing your wealth. And this also extends to where you seek advice on trading — what to trade, and when to move on trades. Motley Fool has been a pre-eminent brand in this space, and Joy Wallet has examined the reasons for this.

Joy Wallet’s Motley Fool Review

Formed in 1993 by brothers, David Gardner and Tom Gardner, and partner Erik Rydholm, Motley Fool is a private company that offers financial and investment advice.  Only David and Tom Gardner continue to run the business with its headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

The most exciting thing about Motley Fool is that you do not need a degree in finance to grow your wealth. Joy Wallet’s Motley Fool Review will provide you with stock recommendations that you can use instead of having to spend hours online looking for information on stocks.

Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Picks

Motley Fool claims that using their stock recommendations guarantees you returns of over 561%. Note that the platform is not a brokerage account, and you cannot trade or buy stocks on the platform. The only thing is that the platform features over 100 stock recommendations that give you returns of 100% or more.

The Stock Advisor picks usually recommend stocks that average daily volumes of $400,000 and have a market cap of more than $200 million. Typically, the picks cost $199 for one year or $39 for one month. Once you are a member, you can access the recommendations, and new stock picks get sent to you monthly.

How Profitable are the Stock Advisor Picks?

Every Robo advisor tends to promise that they do better than other Robo advisors, but Motley Fool is one step ahead. Tom and David provide members with picks that guarantee returns that will outperform other Robo advisors.

For instance, since Motley Fool started operating, Tom’s picks have earned returns of +323.4%. David’s picks have earned a whopping +888.4%. Motley Fool outperforms others because S&P has only earned +118.6%. Motley Fool Stock Advisor outperformed the S&P by four times.

Features of Stock Advisor Picks

Once you get the membership on Motley Fool, these are the key elements:

  • Stock Tips

When you get enrolment in Stock Advisor, there is a weekly Thursday newsletter that comes with twelve total stock recommendations. The recommendations are from David and Tom, who continue to do all of the picking even after all those years.

For every stock picked, you get to see the company’s risk profile, the reason why the Gardner brothers picked it, and 24/7 monitoring. The monitoring ensures that if an issue arises and Motley believes that you need to bail, they send you an alert.

  • Starter Stocks

Motley has a list of stocks curated monthly for someone starting out and in need of an easy set of stocks. The list contains ten rock-solid stocks that will help you and ensure that you build your portfolio. The platform contains a space for newbies, which is useful in helping someone to build their portfolio.

  • Instant Alerts

There is a feature that enables you to favorite your stocks. Once you have favorites, you get instant alerts in case of big changes in the price, good buying options, and when Motley Fool feels it is time to sell the stocks.

  • News

Motley Fool keeps watching the stock market and posts every bit of news that members need to know. As such, you do not need to keep watching the market.

  • Deals

David and Tom act like portfolio managers. They keep watching the market, and if there are any great prices, they alert the members. The aim is to help members grow their wealth.

  • Full Access

Once you become a member, you can access the recommendations made from the previous years. A member registering today can access the recommendations made in 2016. Registering today does not mean that you will start with the current stock tips.

  • Live Customer Service

Motley Fool provides you with a toll-free line to call whenever there is a problem or questions, and you need clarity. The best thing is that you will not speak to a robot. Anytime you call, you get connected to a real person and speak to them.

  • Message Boards

Being a member allows you to communicate with and learn from other members. The member boards enable members to ask questions and get valuable tips from other members, making it a friendly platform.


Motley Fool Stock Advisor has over 700, 000 members who benefit from the recommendations. The recommendations are legitimate and have the guarantee of outperforming the S&P 500 by an average of triple-digit percentage. One has to remember that Stock Advisor does not intend to make people get rich fast but provides a basis for stable and steady growth to building wealth.

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