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7 Steps to choosing a content writer for your business


No one would disagree that content can nail your marketing strategy. High-quality writing created specifically for the target audience works as the best marketing for your brand. But how to create content that will draw the attention of the readers and keep them engaged? You can always try to create content on your own but a professional content writer will definitely write more effective pieces that will speak for your brand perfectly.

Why people need great content

Today, businesses are constantly looking for unusual promotion ideas. But people do not like advertisements… they prefer useful ideas and tips that can help simplify their lives or find solutions to their problems. Therefore, they expect that a brand or a business will do everything possible to provide them with valuable information.

So, who is best for establishing communication with the readers and generating materials for online promotion? It is a professional content writer.

What to look for

First, let us define who a content writer is. In fact, this is not a person who just creates posts for blogs or social media. A content writer is a person who is responsible for the content marketing strategy that you choose.

A person occupying this role should be aware of:

  • How to write great posts for blogs
  • How to present ideas on social media
  • How to seed content
  • How to use Quora, Medium, TechCrunch and other websites for online promotion
  • How to choose a proper tone of voice and how to communicate with the audience

These are the basic things that a good content manager knows, but it goes without saying that there are many peculiarities in each business and content creators should know about them as well.

Choose a content writer who will strengthen your strategy

If you have decided to try to cooperate with a professional writer, you’ve made a great choice. However, it does not mean that any writer can handle your tasks. Because every business is very special and has a huge number of peculiarities, it’s important to hire a writer who has at least some experience in a certain niche. Moreover, there are some other points that you are to keep in mind while searching for a good writer. Here are the most important of them.

Checking their skill

Prior to hiring a writer, you need to check their skills. In some cases, the portfolio will be enough, especially if you are planning to work with a person who has already established their professionalism. But in most cases, it will be better to check their skills with the help of a test task.

How to understand if this is the right person for you?

First, make sure that all aspects of the test task are covered. Attention to detail is one of the main requirements, therefore, if a person misses something, they are not the best candidate.

Next, check whether the story is driven and engaging enough. Because you will write materials for the readers, not for the search engines, the texts should be easy and interesting to read, encourage people to take some actions, and be relevant to the stated topic.

The third thing you should never miss is the quality of the content. There should be no grammar or spelling mistakes as proofreading and editing is a responsibility of the writer.

Evaluating their experience

Experienced writers know how to assess their tasks properly, how to keep up with the deadlines, and how not to take edits and corrections personally. Besides, experienced writers understand better how to work with the new information and how to implement studies and research in their texts. You won’t need to explain additionally that the texts should be well-structured and unique, that the headlines must be catchy and relevant, and that each post should contain keywords so it can be easily found on the web.

Counting the price of work

A good service can never be delivered for the lowest price on the market. Expert writers always have higher rates than rookies. Thus, you need to get ready to pay more for a high-quality content.

Making the corrections and edits clear

Before you hire a writer, be sure to clarify all the details concerning correction policy. Do ask whether a writer charges for corrections. This way you will prevent problems with payment in case you are not satisfied with the work and want the texts to be re-written or edited.

A good content writer will always tell everything about their previous experience and will gladly pass the test task, especially if you pay for it.

Work only with the writers who completely satisfy your demands. If you are not sure that a person is perfect for this position, it’s better to keep looking until you find someone who will strengthen your business with the help of the best writing

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Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer who loves to share her thoughts with readers, now she writes for Eliteessaywriters . In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Connect with her on Twitter and Google+ .

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