Does being a straight shooter actually work for you?


It’s surprising how many people are surprised when they come across a straight shooter –- and they then wonder if the frank approach works. This is something I am asked on a regular basis. The question comes up often in a meeting after I have been very transparent about who I am, what I can do for the other party, and what I want.

Being a straight shooter is a relatively a simple thing, but somehow totally shocks so many people in business.

There are actually more people against the case for being open and honest than there are for it. Why do I say this? Because there are more people who have ulterior motives, who rely on flattery and manipulation to distract you — and of course there are those who actually aren’t good at what they do and want to spin you with their words and hype.

If you are honest, genuine and good at what you do, then you should have no problem saying exactly what you want and exactly what you can give in return.

Of course there is room for discussion and new ideas. But if you are open in your communication and avoid the unnecessary beating around the bush, business can be a lot simpler.

Signs of a straight shooter:

  • They are confident in their abilities and happy to explain in clear terms what they do and how they can benefit you.
  • They have done their research and don’t just use generic terms.
  • They don’t ask questions about your personal life when they don’t know. you personally.
  • They will state exactly what they want or what they propose.
  • They know their value and what they bring to the table.
  • They always leave a meeting with a ‘next steps’ agreed to.

Signs you are NOT dealing with a straight shooter:

  • They use an excessive amount of complex words and meaning — often a sign that someone is not quite clear about their topic of expertise. As Einstein said, if you can’t explain something in simple words, you don’t know it well enough.
  • They don’t answer questions — instead they deflect or go off-topic
  • They don’t make much sense when you ask simple things like “what do you do?”
  • They avoid making any form of commitment.
  • They won’t sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • They will brag about all the people and big brands they’ve worked with but fail to tell you what they actually did for them.
  • They flatter you FIRST thing before the meeting even begins properly.
  • They will offer you a great deal on the spot, that “no-one else has been offered.”
  • They have no idea who you are — they didn’t do their research.

Being a straight shooter and getting to the point does not mean you are cold or that you don’t care about the person you are dealing with.

It simply means you don’t waste your time having to distract someone with a range of strategies to convince them of your worth.

We know our worth and we also respect our time. So we don’t like to waste it by beating around the bush.

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